Night Out

Hey everyone! Sorry there was no post last night! I needed a girls night out, and it ended up being a pretty long girls night out 🙂

Darkest picture ever, maybe? Lemongrass Martini. Mmmm!


Breakfast: eggs + toast + one piece bacon

Snack: Cherry Pie LB. Sometimes this one sounds good, sometimes it doesn’t… but when it sounds good… it’s great! Can anyone relate to this?

Yesterday, Marco and I went to Santa Monica. I had to exchange my pink Michael Kors bag that started ripping after 2 weeks of using it! I was a little irritated at first, because they wouldn’t let me return it, they said I had to get another bag. I got my pink one on sale, so of course, everything else in the store was sooo much more expensive.

I ended up just sucking it up, and getting a bag that I really do truly LOVE now! And this one won’t break! Fingers crossed

I thought it was pretty darn cute! It feels so sturdy and structured too. I love that about it!

PS, I took this picture, because yesterday I posted a photo on my Instagram of my Steve Madden Troopas asking whether or not I should keep them. I wore them last night and absolutely loved them! So glad you all told me to keep em! Thanks girls! <3

While in SM, we got Chipotle for lunch. I love Chipotle Burrito bowls! Love them!

In mine: brown rice, black beans, veggies, pico de gallo, guac, + lettuce. It’s soo good, so healthy, and filling too! I could only finish half. I saved the other half and had it a few hours later.

I love their water cups 🙂

When I got home, my Dad had this beautiful potato concoction sitting on the stove! I didn’t eat any until late at night when I came home. I had four little pieces. DEfrigginlicious!


This morning, Ponyo and Noah had their usual chase around the house 😉

I was in suuuuch a great mood this morning, and still am.. I don’t know what got into me. I think it’s because I truly needed to get out of the house and have some fun yesterday while I had a day off, and a girls night out was the perfect thing!

(Look how pretty my Dad packaged the food away for me, I was excited when I saw this! I said “that needs a picture!”)

I went downstairs to peek in the fridge for breakfast food. All I wanted this morning were eggs, and there were NONE. While texting Marco, I shared my sadness for my egg-less fridge ;). What do you know? He brought me eggs! Sweetest guy ever? I think know so! I made him breakfast!

Eggs + dads delicious potato concoction

He even ate his eggs all chopped up like I do. Hehe, I’ve eaten them like this every since I was young! Marco is very go with the flow, and he is the least bit picky. When I asked how he wanted his eggs, he said “however you want to make them.” I’m happy he liked em!

Seriously important question of the day:

How do you eat your eggs?

{This just turned into a post all about eggs…. I almost feel weird ;)}

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