“No Grains, Cheese, or Sugar” starting again

Hello everyone!

The No Grains, No Cheese, and No Sugar Challenge is starting again tomorrow (for me). I am calling this a challenge because I want to encourage you all to give it a shot if you’re looking for a healthy change, or shift in your life. This is the “diet,” that brought overall peace to my eating experience. It’s my favorite way to eat, and sometimes I wonder why I don’t eat like this all of the time. I always feel so good.

My mood stabilizes, my PMS practically disappears, my stress levels drop immensely, my outlook on life lightens up, my brain feels more clean, my body feels great, my jeans fit, and life looks more beautiful. Seriously, I am not even sure I have listed all of the wonderful things that come from this way of eating. I sometimes call it a “diet,” not in a negative way, but because I am lacking other words for it. If you re-search the word “diet,” it does not always have a bad connotation, so for the purpose of this post, lets please drop all the stigma around the word “diet.”

I also want to note, that I really believe that one thing does not work equally for all people. While this diet works incredible for me in so many different areas, it may not sit well with others of you. I’m not a doctor, or a nutritionist, I am just a girl who has experienced many different scenarios around health and eating, and I enjoy sharing with all of you. Ultimately it is your choice if you choose to join in with the group of us doing this challenge. Also, if you do want to start, but tomorrow seems a bit rushed, don’t feel pressured to start tomorrow! It’s your diet, you start when you are comfortable!

I wanted to post a few links that I wrote before about the diet. These were written the last time around, and I think they will be helpful in getting us started this time.

Grocery list/ideas/tips HERE

Sweet treat idea HERE

Guidelines to an Omelet HERE (breakfast idea!)

Some tips on avoiding mindless eating

I hope these few posts help! I will be posting more tomorrow, but it’s late, and I’ve got to get myself to bed. I’m waking up at 5:45 to meet some girl friends for Coffee & sweet quiet time. When I’m home, I’ll post a little bit more and my breakfast!

Also, just so you all know, my goal is to be posting everything that I eat through this diet. I want you all to have tons of ideas, and I enjoy documenting through this challenge. I have had a couple requests to post about my “detox period” and how I feel after removing these things the first week, so I will make sure to do that in the next few days as well. I cannot remember last time if I felt any cravings or withdrawls from removing grains, sugar, or cheese. I guess we will find out!

Have a great night y’all! Hopefully you’re all peacefully sleeping like I should be 😉



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