No more “I’ll be better tomorrow”

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend! Now, I want to talk about this whole “Gluten-Free” thing that I have seriously failed at, haha! In short, I failed because of my own mindset!

Ever since Halloween I have been kicking myself in the butt, because I have been eating candy, cookies, cake, etc. Does it make me feel good? No. Does it taste good? Yes! Is it easy to give in? TOO easy! Here’s what I give in to:

For my Birthday, my wonderful friend Kelsey brought me a cupcake to breakfast (this was Thursday morning). She didn’t know I was going “gluten-free.” So, instead of saying “no, sorry I’m gluten-free now… thanks, but no thanks.” I decided to have a few little bites. One small bite turned into 3 because it was the best cupcake ever! Thank you Kels!

I was glad that I tried her cupcake. To me, that was being balanced! I wasn’t disappointed at all… at that point!

That night I went out with my friends. We had such a good time!

Even throughout the night, I stayed GF (this means “gluten-free” for the rest of the post). My friends and I all went to BJ’s and got a 3 gluten-free Pazooki’s. They were SO good!

When we went back to the house, we snacked on chocolate covered almonds, raisins, and cashews… oh me, oh my… Too much snacking! I left with the stomachache of a lifetime.

The next night, there was a Birthday party at Angela’s house for her 18 yr. old sister Jenna. We had so much fun! I had been GF all day, and was planning on continuing through the night. I was good until dinner. I filled my plate with a chicken taco with a corn tortilla, rice, and beans. I was going to pass up the cake, and the flour tortilla chips. At this point, my mindset was golden!

Once I started eating, I mentioned how good the rice was! Her Mom goes “Oh! That’s because it’s whole-grain rice with wheat!” Haha! At that point my “golden” mindset seemed to go out the door. The rest of the night was me, the chip bowl, and a plate full of cake frosting, ice cream, and brownies. Whoops! Going through my mind: “I’ll do better tomorrow.”

Now, we all know that’s the WORST thing you can say to yourself, because usually you’re not “better tomorrow.” All you’re really saying to yourself is that you’re not ready to start getting healthy. At least for me… And guess what? Ever since Halloween, that’s been my promise to myself everyday! Well, NO MORE. I really want to get myself out of this funk, and I will! That’s why I am posting about it. It doesn’t feel good to be out of control, and that’s 100% what I feel like. I’ve been BAD. I have been babysitting every single day, and you can imagine the junk-food I am able to find. Once I see it, it’s back to “okay, better tomorrow.” I’m done with that!

So, here’s my thinking! A while back, I read an article that talked about our “strong muscle” and our “weak muscle”

Strong muscle: self-control, healthy mindset, a love for healthy foods, a love for your body, exercise, ability to just say no, “better TODAY,” etc…

Weak muscle: “better tomorrow,” “I’m fat,” saying “yes” to the junk-food, over-eating, negative thoughts, giving in when you know you shouldn’t, beating yourself up from having one little treat, talking yourself down, eating just-because, etc…

So, how does this work? It’s just like working out. When you exercise a muscle, it gets stronger and stronger. You get to choose which muscle you exercise. The one that you exercise most often is the one that is going to get stronger, and more powerful. Are you going to strengthen your strong muscle, or your weak muscle, by the choices you make?

My goal is to work on my strong muscle! What about you?

With going GF… I am going to take it slower than I started with. At first, I jumped right in, and cut gluten cold-turkey. While that may be necessary for some people, I know it’s not necessary for me, because as far as I know, I do not have a gluten-intolerance. I am going to wait until I see my Naturopath and ask what he thinks about eating gluten-free. Maybe I will even have him test me for an intolerance. I will keep you all updated!

For now, I am going to make BOTH gluten-free meals, and regular meals. You guys will get the best of both worlds.

So, now the big question, can you guys relate to this struggle of “trying to get back on track?”

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