Not Judging Hunger and Fullness

Not Judging Hunger and Fullness


Last week I was talking with a sweet client.

Among many other things, we talked about fullness and how to appreciate the signals our bodies send us rather than judge them.

How many of you have ever judged yourself for feeling full? How many of you have ever judged yourself for feeling hungry “too soon” after a meal?

I know I have!

“Why’d you eat so much?”

“You should have stopped sooner.”

“That’s not eating intuitively.”

“You’re going to gain weight.”

“You just ate. Why are you hungry again?”

These are all JUDGEMENTS. Not truths. What do judgements lead to? –> GUILT. What does guilt lead to? A CYCLE OF FEELING STUCK. (Read more on guilt here.)

I promise you, you’re better off letting the guilt go.

It’s only trying to tell you that you did something wrong because diets have made you *believe* that you’ve done something wrong. (But you haven’t.)

Diets want you to believe…

That you should only eat every x amount of hours.

That you should only eat a certain amount.

That feeling full means you overdid it and messed up.

But… shouldn’t we be grateful for our fullness? For our hunger?

It’s our body’s way of WORKING. Of letting us kindly know “Hey love, I’m full. No more food, please. Thank you…” Or, “Hey you. I’m done processing the last of the food we last ate together, ready for more!”

So the next time you’re full or you get hungry sooner than you expect, instead of judging yourself, appreciate the signal your body (she) is sending you. Appreciate that she is communicating with you and get excited that she’ll continue to communicate with you!

She’s your PARTNER. Not your ENEMY.

Say to her…

“Thank you for letting me know that you don’t want anymore food.”

“Thank you for letting me know that you’re ready for more.”

Share with me… Have you ever judged yourself for feeling full or for feeling hungry? How can you rephrase this into appreciation? Tell me your rephrase below!

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