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Good morning sweet things 🙂

I hope your day is off to a great start. I just finished quiet time, and next on my list is this Blog post. At 8:30, I’ll be headed to my Wednesday Step Class!



eggs and toast with homemade jam

Eggs & toast with homemade blackberry jelly from my cousin Haley — ah, so delicious!



Simple turkey sandwich on sourdough with added spinach and onions plus a side salad with Cruciferous Blend, Goddess Dressing, and garbanzo beans.

coconut oil coffee

A little while after lunch in between my Coaching Clients I made a coconut oil/raw cacao coffee (8oz brewed coffee, 1t. coconut oil, 2T raw cacao, 1t. agave blended up). This is such an excellent “carry-me-over” through the afternoon. Loved it, and it was just what my body asked for.

Afternoon Snack

Paiges green smoothie

“Paige’s Green Smoothie!” Plus, I added slivered almonds on top. Originally, I did this just for the photo, but it ended up being such a fun touch to my smoothie!


kale and chicken sausage

Number 2 on this weeks Meal Plan: Kale & Chicken Sausage. Yum! I wrote about how to make this yummy dinner here. You’ll wake up feeling light at Breakfast 🙂

A couple of days ago, I asked you all what you’d like me to post about the Wedding. You replied, and here is what I’ll be posting about so far:

  1. Keepin’ It Low Stress Preppin’ For The Big Day
  2. 10 Tips On Marriage
  3. Wedding Budgeting (Especially With Alcohol)

These are coming soon under HHS Wedding Tidbits

Have a question about Wedding Planning? Feel free to ask here in the comments 🙂 

Love, Paige

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P.S. I hope to include our Wedding photos (if we have them) throughout my HHS Wedding Tidbits posts, so stay tuned!

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