What I Realized While In NYC…

Yay! I am home from NYC. It was an incredible trip. I cannot wait to share these photos & takeaways with you today!

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Last Thursday, I landed in NYC with my great friends Simi & Jen for a conference called HolisticMBA Live. We got so much more than a conference while we were there, lemme tell ya!

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It was such a refreshing trip. All three of us are coaches, and love to listen, share stories, and support each other. I had posted on instagram (@healthyhitsthespot) that “health coaches make the best of friends” and I was not kidding. I got to talk more this weekend with these ladies than I have in a while. It was so refreshing. 

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Today, I’m going to share with you all what I learned while NYC, through the conference, dinners, coffee dates, walks around the city, and late night chats in our apartment.

Tomorrow, I’m going to share the 4-day trip with y’all in terms of everything we did & everything we ate. I succeeded at remembering all food photos ;).

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This weekend I had a chance to reflect back at my life and see those things I would NOT have done, had I let fear stop me. These are some of the now BEST things in my life:

  • marriage
  • falling in love with my best friend (Marco, of course)
  • becoming a health coach
  • making my blog public for the first time
  • putting Finally Free together & getting in front of the camera
  • partnering in my business
  • moving to SLO
  • scheduling those first consultations & clients
  • paying off my car in full
  • leaving two jobs where I was miserable (better opportunities always followed!)
  • and many more…

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Now that I’m on the other side of these things, they feel SO good, & I’m so thankful that I didn’t stop at fear.

This weekend I learned that FEAR is only EXCITEMENT on pause. Ah, how true that felt for me.

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I also become highly aware of the lifestyle I want, & my core desires (they also match my hubby’s – very cool). Mind if I share?

Lifestyle & core desires:

  • my core desires are: (1) to have a marriage where my husband & I are supporting & stretching each other, (2) to require less to be happy/fulfilled & welcome abundance at the same time, and (3) to create a lifestyle that allows both my husb & myself to feel relaxed, grateful, and on a mission for our lives/beliefs.
  • making all of my personal & business choices from a place of: (1) does this give us freedom? (2) does this give us a rich marriage; are supporting and stretching each other? and (3) will we feel deep joy & gratitude while trusting God through this if we ‘YES’ this decision?
  • with these things, here’s what we (M & I) would love in the near future: to each have jobs that we believe in, location freedom, a trailer to live in it for some time (how fun?!), a pup, & to save for the rich purpose of having the freedom to live in our core desires (think: support & stretch; simple lifestyle with abundant savings; & being relaxed, grateful, and on mission) at any time.

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I discovered all of this through inspiration at the conference, and then talking through everything with my girls. We talked through fears, insecurities, and desires. We supported & encouraged each other, and helped each other get unapologetically clear on what we want.

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This got me thinking, really quick – did you sign-up to receive an invite to my free webinar this Saturday?! You must! Do that here. <– the reason I’m thinking of this is because I just added two BONUSES (see them here) to the webinar & one of them is a free strategy Session where I’d like to help YOU get clear on what YOU want.

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So, things I took away from this weekend:

  1. It is SO worth it to work through FEAR if you can say “if I were able to get through this OKAY, it would be SO worth it.” Fear is excitement on PAUSE. Go for it!
  2. Make personal & business decisions from a place that is honoring & encouraging my/your core desired lifestyle and feelings (also, when I reflect, I realize that we are already living this out, & we would now like to do so now with a higher awareness and see where it takes us).

So, those were my takeaways!

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(This is not an ad, ha! I could not get a photo without jetblue. It was indeed an awesome flight, though!)

Heaven. Right?

Was this helpful for me to share? What are your core desired feelings? Take a minute to look back in your own life, where have you pushed through fear & “come out alive” and even better on the other side?

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Love, Paige

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