Off The Meal Plan Panini’s

Good morning all!

I’m up early getting work done before I have an early Client Session/walk 🙂



Cereal with almond milk, blueberries, and slivered almonds


After breakfast I went to a Step Class where I met my Dad and we got our booties kicked. Notice: I get my booty kicked every Wednesday. He’s (Anthony) is such an awesome teacher!

grapefruit and chocolate

When I got home, I had a Grapefruit with a sliver of dark chocolate


I thought I would be hungry after my first Session for lunch, but really, I wasn’t hungry enough yet. So, I had one banana to carry me through another 1.5 hours


breakfast bagel sandwich

When it came time for lunch around 1:30 I had exactly what I knew I was craving. A breakfast bagel sandwich with eggs & avocado. Normally, I would kill to have cheese on this baby but I knew I was already going to want cheese with dinner. So, I skipped it. Balance 🙂

how to scoop your bagel

I also knew that I wouldn’t feel so good if I ate the whole bagel, plus, to be honest, I don’t like how bread-y they are. I can’t taste anything but the bagel when it’s so doughy. So, I scooped! Knife around the outside, knife around the inside and pull! After it’s toasted of course — be careful, it’s full o’ steam!


As I was cooking I snacked on these blueberries.

half cookie

I wrapped up my delicious, delicious lunch with half a cookie that Mom made for the 4th of July — savoring them!


Lunch held me over well through dinner. Dinner was just as satisfying, and exactly what I wanted

turkey panini

Grilled Panini’s for Marco and I. Ah! So good! Marco had a CPR Class last night, so I didn’t think he would be eating with me. But, he did. When I made his he took one bite and let out a big “uuumph” as to say “yuuuuuumm!”

Grilled Chicken Panini: sourdough bread, mayo/mustard, sliced chicken deli meat, havarti cheese, tomato, artichoke hearts, and onion.

Oh, and those are two ridge cut chips that I stuck on my plate for some crunch/taste. 🙂

grilled vegetables

I grilled the artichoke hearts & onion before putting them on the sandwich.

Who else loves Panini’s?


red wine

After Marco left for his class I had some relaxing/Wedding time. I put together my Bridesmaids Gifts (I’ll show them to you all after the Wedding when I can show Wedding photos), had a glass of wine, and listened to Pandora.

what a wonderful world

What A Wonderful World came on. It really set the mood 🙂

driver photo

Only 2 more weeks until this man because my Husband, and I become his Wife. We are tying the knot August 1st.

I’m soaking up every moment I have left as his Fiance. Being engaged has been such a blessing. It’s been fun, it’s been work, it’s been learning, and it’s been full of loving. This Man right here is my very best friend.

Petite Treat


On that note, let’s end with the three bites of Talenti I had last night (this is what is still left, I had already had 3 small bites).

Sending you all well wishes for the day! See you back here tomorrow morning, where I will likely be sharing a chicken sausage, kale, and onion recipe you can make for dinner — one of my favorite ways to have Kale!

Love, Paige

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Love, Paige

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