Officially Paige Schmidt

Good morning all!

I hope you slept well last night. For some reason, it was a toss & turn night for me. I felt like I took little naps all night long.

Luckily, I got to wake up early and go for a refreshing walk with my friend Aubrey this morning.


Yesterdays breakfast was two eggs, one bacon, and one piece of brown rice bread. The bacon was a little too fatty for my liking, so I gave it to the Hubs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about eating fat, but I like my bacon crispy 🙂

Paige Schmidt, HC

Yesterday I officially became Paige Schmidt. Did you already see that on my Instagram? The DMV thankfully only took 20 minutes!


For lunch I had a homemade cobb-style salad. Yum, so so good! Romaine lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, two hard boiled eggs (was satisfied with one), gorgonzola, one sliced crispy bacon strip, hummus, and cilantro dressing.


Throughout the work day I did laundry. We’ve been gone most Sundays recently, so the laundry carried over into the week.

Paige's Favorite Green Smoothie

Between lunch and dinner I made a “Paige’s Favorite Green Smoothie” with raw cacao added.

shrimp stir fry and homemade fried rice

Dinner was leftover shrimp stir-fry and homemade fried rice. So yummy!

apple for dessert

After dinner I curled up on the couch with Marco, enjoyed this apple, and watched about a boy.

healthy hits the spot featured in

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Enjoy your day, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

Love, your Coach Paige

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Love, Paige

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