What Body Acceptance Really Means

Read what it really means to accept your body without obsession.

Yesterday, I had a client session where we talked about body acceptance and I want to share some takeaways with you from that session.

Body acceptance is not zenning out walking through a field of wildflowers loooooving your body.

It’s not blissfully loving and obsessing over your body.

It’s not thinking about your body 24/7 and thinking about how much you love it and just accepting it and every time you try something on it fits perfectly and beautifully.

It’s not every time you take a photo you’re so proud of the photo and fully on fire with how you look. It’s not thinking about loving your body in every photo.

It’s not, at least in the way I talk about it with my clients, just focusing on your body that much more or obsessing with how you look whether it’s in a good way or bad way, or a way that feels good or bad.

Whether it’s obsession in a “good” or “bad” way, that’s not the goal.

Meaning, “I really need to change” and obsessing about that. Or, “I love my body so much” and obsessing about that. Instead, the goal is caring for your body and body respect and not berating and hating your body.

Goal = Care/Respect

NOTTTT berate/hate.

It’s not making decisions based on your body size. Ex: “I’m not going to go to the beach with my friends because I don’t want my body to be in a bikini.” That’s making a decision because of your body.

Instead, it’s “I’m choosing to respect and care for my body so that I can…”

This is where the body acceptance comes in and what that allows you to do in your life. It’s what respecting your body allows you to DO in your life; that’s where the freedom comes in.

Because I’m respecting my body and not making decisions because of her, what is that going to open up for me on a vacation? It’s going to allow me to:

  • go to dinners
  • have fun
  • allow me to be intimate with my partner
  • go to a workout class and really really enjoy it
  • go dancing
  • do something fun I enjoy
  • build memories, to go on trips and to say yes to things

It’s all about what body respect allows me to do in my life.

Have all the fun.

Build memories.

Respecting and caring for my body is going to allow me to do a bunch of things. THAT is the gold in body acceptance. It’s what it does for you, not sitting there and thinking about how much you love your body 24/7. It’s respecting it and thinking less about it. Meaning the frequency you’re obsessing over your body is less. Now you have a clear mind to focus on what you really want to focus on.

I hope this encourages you!

Imagine what you could give your attention to with a clear mind.

Love, Paige

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