On the Plane!

Hello everyone! So, I am on a plane right now flying to SF… it’s so nice… I love flying!


Today has been off to such a great start, and these next few days are going to be a blast!

I am going to stay with some family friends, Linda & Scott. They have made SF their new home and can’t wait to show me everything that they love about it. That being said, I can’t wait to show all of YOU what they love, too!

This morning before I left, I had an apple pie LARABAR. I ate half while getting ready, and half in the car on our way to breakfast. I wasn’t sure how long it was going to be before we found a place.


(Wooooah turbulance! My computer is shaking all over!!)

On our way to the airport, my Mom, Dad, and myself, stopped at a breakfast place called “More Than Waffles.”

It was so good, and their service was great! Not to mention they were filming a reality TV show while I was eating there, and they still had awesome service. It was kinda fun to see, especially because a friend of mine was working it! What a surprise!


I got an Omelet & potatoes for breakfast, my Mom got eggs and waffles (best waffle ever!!)


And my Daddy got his manly man hamburger! He loves his hamburgers!

5.jpg 6.jpg

They even gave us a testimonial card to ask how we liked the place 🙂

I give them 5 stars because they were so nice. The first omelet I got was really runny inside, and I had to send it back. That was probably the second thing I’ve ever had to send back. I HATE asking for my food to be fixed! I feel like such an inconvenience… Luckily, they made me feel super comfortable and said it wasn’t a problem at all…

Do you guys get uncomfortable when you have to ask for something to be remade?


Here are some photos of my flight…


Things are sooo beautiful above the clouds! Can I live up here? It’s so blue!


The sunny coast of California!

It’s weird that I have only been on this plane for about 45 minutes and we only have 15 minutes to go…. I feel like I just barely opened up my computer and we are almost there! I wonder what the first thing we will do in SF will be? Oh my! I just got super excited! I love SF, and I will be there in 15 minutes! Actually, the second I post this, we will have just landed! (That’s when my WIFI will kick in!!)

Anyways, I will be back tonight with pictures of my first day in San Francisco! Hope you are all having a great Thursday! 🙂

Love, Paige

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