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flowers from marco to paige

Good morning everyone! Hope you all slept great 🙂 I just got back from my last walk with my girlfriend Aubrey. AH, I’m gonna miss those walks! We have just over a week left in Ventura, then we’re picking up and moving to San Luis Obispo, CA!

eggs on toast

Yesterday mornings breakfast was eggs on toast. I sat right in front of the beautiful flowers my Husband brought home for me Monday night. From my Instagram:

The Husband offered to do the grocery shopping today, so I took him up on it. Came home from Bible Study to a fridge full of groceries and these flowers. Thankful! I like having this man off work!

leftovers from lure fish-house

Monday night, we went to Lure with our friends for dinner and I got a side salad + salmon with brussel sprouts/sauteed spinach, plus one bread roll and drink. My friend Leah got Seared Ahi, and since she didn’t like the spicy sauce on top, she gave the leftovers to me to take home.

So, for lunch we had leftovers from the night before at Lure. I made a salad with the Ahi and added two mini Spanikopita’s leftover from the weekend 🙂 Marco finished his fish and chips. Little plate lunches 🙂

apples and yogurt

In the afternoon I had a green apple with greek honey yogurt! From my instagram:

I just made a discovery and I need someone to remake it and second me on this. Green apples dipped in honey Greek yogurt tastes like a sweettarts! (note: in this picture my yogurt has peanut butter mixed in but I’m talking about just the yogurt with green apple). Someone try it! 🙂

pretty mug

I worked all through the day yesterday. It was a great workday! Today and tomorrow are just the same 🙂 To get on my waiting list for a free Consultation, click here.

finding balance ebook

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taco salad homemade

Dinner was taco salad with romaine, red onion, kidney beans, Organic ground beef w/ taco seasoning, crushed up quinoa/black bean chips (TJ’s), avocado, cilantro dressing, and salsa verde. Feel good filling, yet light food! I snacked on a little bowl of chippies with salsa verde while cooking because I was started. Picture is too blurry for the blog 🙂


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