Organization Makes Me Happy

Why Organization Makes Me Happy


Hope you’re having a great week.

A week ago I was in Ventura spending time celebrating Marcos grandma’s 80th birthday (we call her “granners”). It was such a nice visit and fun celebration. What a gift to celebrate 80 years of life!

While there, Monday morning I went to Cafe Ficelle in Ventura to get some work done from my laptop. Next door is the jeweler who made my wedding ring. When I was done with work I popped over to get my ring cleaned. Such a treat.

I ordered a beautiful breakfast while at Cafe Ficelle: croissant with an egg, goat cheese, avocado, bell pepper, and a fruit bowl. Deeeeelicous. So beautiful too. It’s hard to not feel calm around food when it’s THIS beautiful.

After work, I headed back to Marco’s grandparents house. On the drive back, drove by my high school and thought about how many more responsibilities we have as adults, compared to when we were kids. Full reminiscing mode.

Life is Full of Responsibility

When I was in high school I did a lot. Some of it was healthy, some of it was dressed up as “healthy” even though it was a bit toxic. Like, doing an obsessive amount of exercise that required me to wake up at 5:00 am everyday before school, and feeling guilty about it if I didn’t go.

I exercised, went to school, did my best, left early (short days are a reward for doing good in school), and then went to work. I made money, did homework, and carried myself through–with the support of my parents. I did a lot, but it’s no where near the mental load we carry as adults (and even more so as parents).

What I realize today is just how much my parents did for me and my brothers our entire lives. I feel so grateful. They worked, kept a roof over our heads, paid bills, created memories for us, planned trips, etc. I never knew that everything they did took such effort.

Today, I appreciate this. I think to myself as I process daily life now: “Life is a lot… but organization makes it a whole lot easier.” This is why organization makes me happy. I clean the house and then ENJOY the ease the fruit of my labor brings.

I think of it like this: Life is already very full. It would be much harder to come home from a full day of work to see three HUGE HEAPING piles of laundry flooding the laundry room. To lose your keys. To not know where your next meal is coming from because no one grocery shopped. To feel burdened by all there is to do (and to know this by looking at your surroundings and think “there is so much to do.”)

What Organization Is

Organization is knowing where things are, everything having a home, knowing what groceries you have, and what meals you can make. It’s cleaning the house and putting everything back in its place. It’s my car being free of clutter. My calendar being organized. My priorities straight. It’s having less “un-done.”

I recognize all of this–the fact that I’m able to spend precious time organizing–is a privilege. I’m grateful. Grateful to be ABLE to have a home where I can choose where to put the keys to a car that I own. Grateful to have a refrigerator full of food that I was able to choose for my family. I am beyond grateful.

And, living in this privilege, I also realize that organization makes this life even smoother. Even lighter.

Because I’m organized, I’m able to have free mental space when I’m off work to lay on the floor and play with my daughter. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’m also doing laundry while Selah lays on the bed and I fan shirts over her face and laugh as I’m folding… but wow. I appreciate organization for how much more present it allows me to be.

So much so that I recorded a podcast episode on this to share my thoughts on how organization makes life easier–how it makes me happier. It’s such a gift that we give ourselves to be organized. I hope this episode inspires some organization in your life, as a gift you can give yourself.

Is It Time to Hire Out?

If we’re not organized ourselves (we don’t really like doing that kind of thing), perhaps we’d consider hiring someone to help make things easier.

And side note–that turned into another blog post (haha)–if it comes down to money, I’d encourage us to stop and think before we jump to say “I can’t afford it.” This might be true. But it might not be.

Just this month I did an “audit” of my bills. I realized I was spending:

  • $50 per month on mobile protection plans for our phones that made zero sense for me to be paying for now
  • $9.99 for Apple Music and realized I could do Spotify with a few ads and that is perfectly fine for now
  • $14.95 per month for Audible and not using it that much
  • $30 per month on an insurance policy that could be shifted/reduced to match current needs
  • $40 per month on a Zoom subscription add-on that I really didn’t “need”
  • $90 per month set aside for my hair when I could help the color grow out better by making my roots more natural
  • $200 per month just saying YES! to eating out whenever friends asked, instead of being intentional about cooking at home

Add all of this up and it comes to nearly $500 per month that we cleared up just by doing an audit. And I feel it 0% toward my happiness. Meaning, I’m just as happy if not happier.

I’m listening to Spotify, reading books I already own, eating at home and enjoying our own backyard, etc… it’s all good. And, if we needed it, there’s now room for someone to help keep the house clean. I like cleaning when Marco can be with Selah (or vice versa) so for now, we’re not hiring out for that. But if you hate it, perhaps an audit will help make room to get some help.

I encourage you to grab a sheet of paper write down EVERY. SINGLE. THING. you spend money on each month. By the way, if you have an auto-bill that’s only due every six months, break that down per month and add that to monthly expenses. Same with car registration. You pay that once per year, but what does it come down to per month?

Once you have that list, highlight the MUST haves. Like, electricity. For food, sure we need food but do you need to be spending what you’re currently spending?

The best part of all of this is that what we’re doing is re-aligning our spending with our joys and values so that our money will feel BETTER.

Okay, I didn’t mean for this post to turn into money but I didn’t want anyone to simply jump to “I can afford that” if it might not be true. I think there’s a lot of value in finding out what the benefits of something are BEFORE just deciding “Oh, I can’t afford that.” If you knew what a value it would add to your life, maybe you’d find a way.

I have SEVERAL resources to help you live an organized life (organization even comes down to organizing your thoughts and letting go of things that no longer serve you).

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