Our Challenges Are Our Greatest Gifts

Our challenges are our greatest gifts

I heard this once in a training I did: “Our challenges are our greatest gifts.”

The training went on to explain that our challenges provide a solution to other people with the same or similar problem. It shared that we look at our challenges as problems, but that we’re looking at them in the wrong way. They’re actually GIFTS. Our challenges are the very things that will allow us to experience miracles in our lives and help others to experience miracles in their lives as well. Our problem is someone else’s solution.

When I first heard this, I believed it. But on a very small scale.

I thought to myself “Okay, makes sense. I used to struggle with food and dieting, and now I’m able to coach other women and share the tools that allowed me to stop struggling with food. I’m able to empathize with them and speak their language. I’m able to coach from an extremely non-judgmental place, because I’ve been in their shoes.”

It wasn’t until this year, and especially recently, that I have started to see that basically ALL of my challenges have been gifts to others.

And the craziest part, is that it seems I constantly have to be reminded of this. Ever feel like that? Like you have an ah-ha moment, and have to have it 100 more times before it sticks? I think this is pretty normal, so I don’t be myself up for it. But sheesh. Would be great for it to stick around the first time – ha!

Here’s how it goes… Things will be picking up, and then all of the sudden I’ll experience a challenge and think “Gosh, not another one! Why is this happening? Can I have a break? When will the challenges end?”

Then, later that week or day someone (usually a client) will show up in my life and have a similar challenge in their lives that I’m able to empathize with. I’m able to share what got me through and support them in finding what will get them through. It’s a beautiful thing, and feels like the perfect set up.  The perfect way to support them. It’s like I was given a gift — a nugget of wisdom that I didn’t know I needed –right before an encounter with them.

And no, with my clients it’s not always about food. In fact, it’s usually not about food, because often my clients come to me to talk about food and we end up talking about *all of the things that make them turn to food* in the first place. Speaking of clients, I have ONE space that just opened up in coaching. Interested? Get more info here.

So, this week more than ever, I’ve come to believe that our challenges are our greatest gifts.

And that we can remember, that when we’re going through something hard, we’ll make it. And one day, we’ll be able to use our story to encourage someone else that they’ll make it, too.

Have you experienced this to be true in your life? That your challenges are your greatest gifts? Share with me in the comments. 

Love, Paige

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