Our First Wedding Anniversary

Morning girls! I hope you so enjoyed your weekends! This weekend was mine and Marco’s first Wedding Anniversary. Crazy, right!? Remember when it was our Wedding Day?! <– So crazy! Wow!

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The day started off with M hitting the button on my coffee pot, and the running out the door to buy a card & flowers. Awesome, guy style. Love it ūüėČ

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He wrote me the sweetest card.

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My favorite part inside said: “We are very lucky that we got to start something so great, so young.” <– I don’t know why, but man, this part gets me when I read it.

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Maybe¬†it’s that I cry whenever M writes me something. Ha! The above pic is me crying when I read his wedding day letter to me (definitely trying not to ruin my makeup RIGHT before I walked down the isle).

Or, because it can be scary getting married young (at least it was for me)? And to¬†hear that he feels “lucky that we started so young” is just so sweet.

It was the nicest affirmation for this words of affirmation girl (my Love Language).

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After laying in bed for about an hour and sipping coffee (another absolute GIFT) we walked to the Apple Farm, which is where we stayed all those months while traveling to SLO, including on our honeymoon when my boy had another interview for this job he now has (thank you, Lord!).

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At the Apple Farm I enjoyed a biscuit with butter & jelly first. This was my #1 craving. I probably could have been okay even just ordering this — it was that satisfying.

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But, I had ordered a read breakfast too that I ate about half of. I didn’t want to be stuffed with a 2 mile walk home (haha, hello side ache!).

After breakfast we went to the gym together (Hubby’s anniversary request) and got in a little workout.

For the rest of our morning until M went to work we cozied around the house. We were both so tired, which goes to show that biscuits do not give me energy [insert laughing emoji!!]. Maybe we could have guessed that.

I’ve had so much fun paying attention to which foods do and don’t give me energy through mine & Simi’s Finally Free: 28-Day Pleasure Plan!

We start the jumpstart group this Sunday, and would love to have you as well! More info HERE.

My boy had to work at 2:00 until 10:00, so for the rest of the day I was on my own. I’ve got to be honest with you, and say that Saturday was extremely tough for me. Did anyone else have a tough time this weekend? I feel like several of my friends did too.

I was having a really hard time being away from family on Saturday. I had myself a little cry, felt all my feelings, and then got myself out of the house and tried to treat myself like my Mom or a friend would treat me.

I took myself to get a RedBox movie, I walked around town (which super cheered me up, because people were smiley and would nod at me with little hello’s as I walked around –> I love when strangers say hi and are just so nice), and even bought myself some new clothes.

I also talked to a couple of my closest friends to just share how I was feeling and they so uplifted me. Man, moving away is hard you guys. And I’m only two hours from home, so I can only imagine how some of you who have moved far feel… I feel you — I’m so sorry that it’s tough for you.

I learned an invaluable lesson from a dear friend. She gave me a new perspective that kinda booted me (in the most gentle way) out of my sadness. She said “comparing SLO¬†to where you grew up and have a bazillion memories is incomparable.” <– DANG.

Maybe this is obvious to some of you, but I’d never moved from my hometown before, so this hit me like a ton of (really good) bricks. It was that huge “ah-ha” moment where I realized that my new home isn’t SUPPOSED to be the same as my old home. It’s different, and life here can be good too, just in a different way.

Comparison is a total B, isn’t it?

The rest of the evening was me trying to be gentle with myself and¬†taking good care of this little ol’ soul of mine. I took a long bath, read my favorite blogs, and watched a movie.

This post is getting crazy long, isn’t it? Perhaps I should have journaled before coming here today. Ha!

Anyway, let’s wrap this up with yesterday, which was our second day celebrating.

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We did our normal church & gym in the morning, relaxed around the house in the afternoon, and then got all dressed up and went out in the evening. Heels, dress, and all!

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It felt so fun & good to get ready in my new clothes. Ah, it DID bring me joy.

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We went to Luna Red first and got a drink. I got their Sangria. My Hubby enjoyed me & a water himself.

Afterward, we walked a-ways to a GREAT sushi spot in SLO. Dang. The sushi was SO good!

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I got seaweed salad and then tried to be adventurous and ordered the rainbow roll.

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I’ve never gotten it in all the years that I’ve loved sushi so much because I never knew what to expect with different flavors of fish. But oh my goodness you guys, get this roll. If you get good fish, which I definitely did yesterday, you will love this roll!

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After Sushi, we grabbed a RedBox and walked home to have a cozy movie night.

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This Anniversary was one I’ll remember. I felt all the feelings, got to spend some real quality time with my guy, and felt happy. Same with M. Thanks for reading as I share with you girls¬†:). I get excited to share with you — it’s like we’re all friends :).

Remember these “Wedding Tidbit’s” posts that I did after our Wedding with tips on Weddings? I would love to follow up with some regarding marriage now IF that interests everyone.¬†While I’m no expert (at all!) I think these are fun convo’s to have.

So, are any of you curious about marriage, or your first year? Or specifics? Ask below in the comments and I’d be so happy to do a follow up post!¬†

Thanks for celebrating with me!



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Love, Paige

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