Our Mini Vacation + Full Weekend in Photos

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I’m here to share some pictures with you today ūüôā

San Luis Obispo 

prius driving at night

Thursday night we took off for San Luis Obispo

the apple farm in san luis Obispo

We stayed at our favorite place, the Apple Farm. They have the cutest rooms, the nicest staff, and they give you fresh baked cookies when you arrive. We love it! They even have a restaurant on location that we usually go to.

holy bagels in san luis obispo

This time, we ate breakfast at Holy Bagels in SLO. I was really feeling like an early morning bagel breakfast-sandwich. Mine was a whole wheat sesame bagel, egg, and pepper-jack cheese. M’s was onion bagel, egg, pepper jack, and sausage.

apple farm work from hotel room

After breakfast I went back to the hotel until about 1:00 to work, and Marco went and took care of his Business. My Skype date went great, because I had one super sweet reader sign on to chat with me, and got to have such a great long conversation.

I realize that I scheduled this Skype date at the wrong time for most of you – I apologize! I was thinking “Lunch Break” would be a great time to hop online, but what I didn’t realize is that most of you were working, picking up kids, meeting friends, etc. Next time, I’ll do a Saturday morning again. That seemed to work so much better last at the first Skype Date I had.

urbane cafe san luis obispo roast turkey

For lunch, we branched¬†way out and got Urbane Cafe in SLO ūüėČ (we have this in Ventura, too). I got a roast turkey sandwich with turkey, pepper jack, honey mustard, tomato, and lettuce + a side salad with feta, mandarin oranges, and balsamic.

scout coffee in san luis obispo

After lunch, we walked around town a bit and before we left I had to stop by Scout Coffee, which one of my readers (thank you Hannah!) recommended to me.

scout coffee inside in san luis obispo

The inside is truly adorable.

vanilla latte at scout coffee

Before even walking in I knew I wanted something caffeinated (I was driving home, Marco drove up), creamy, and cold.¬†It was a warm day. So, I chose an iced Vanilla Latte¬†–¬†they make all of their flavors and syrups there in the shop. ¬†I love that! This was super delicious, and I got to enjoy it the entire way home with my windows down, watching the coast, Marco asleep, and shoes-off. It was a relaxing drive home.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

ventura California beaches

Both Friday and Saturday Marco and I took walks at the beach. It was too beautiful not to!

book rework

Saturday day was my hang-out time. I unpacked our stuff, went to Barnes & Noble, and spent some time reading blogs & coming up with ideas of things to cook/grocery shop for the week.

I ended up buying this book, Rework which is great for any of you who have an entrepreneurial (or, “starter” as they call it) mind. I’m almost done — it’s been a while since I picked up a book and finished it. It’s a simple read, and I’m really enjoying it.

Saturday night we went out to eat with my parents to Yolanda’s at in the Channel Islands Harbor. We have one in Ventura too, but it was fun to switch up the location. Here, I ordered my favorite “Chicken Villa.” No picture, sorry!

ventura marathon start

Sunday morning started off with an early morning walk with my friend Leah. We were lucky enough to catch the very start of (part of) the Ventura Marathon. We didn’t quite catch the 26.2’ers or the 13.1’ers, but we did catch the 5k’ers! I thought it was fun to watch them start ūüôā

breakfast sandwich intuitive eating

When I got home I made myself the breakfast sandwich I was craving. Now, this might sound a little funky for breakfast, but trust me, it’s good! Two eggs, melty cheese, 1/4 avo, tomato, onion, and yes, romaine lettuce. This is kind of like a burger for breakfast… Ha! But really, it’s good! The first time I had something like this was at Allison’s in Ventura and I was¬†very¬†skeptical but¬†pleasantly¬†surprised. It’s now my favorite breakfast sandwich there.

paige schmidt on a date with marco schmidt

Sunday night,¬†Marco and I did another walk downtown. This time, we stopped at the Crowne Plaza for a drink and dinner. Mostly because my cousin Jamie works there and we love seeing her, but also because I wanted another “Spa Water!” (tried it last week for the first time).

spa water drink at the crowne plaza ventura ca

This is my absolute new favorite! It’s cucumber vodka, crushed watermelon, and basil (I hope I got that right, ha!).

turkey bot from cstreet restaurant at crowne plaza hotel ventura ca

For dinner, I got a turkey BLT with salad (I swear, there’s half a plate of salad back there, ha!). This was a big ol’ sandwich if you can’t tell. I ate half + my salad and saved the rest for later.

crowne plaza c street cafe ventura ca food burger

Marco ordered this incredible looking/tasting burger on a pretzel bun with fries.

After dinner we walked around by the beach a bit more and then headed home. We were tired, so we watched some Parenthood and then fell asleep around 9:00. Ah, I love full days and early bed-times.

It was a full weekend, and this weekend is going to be even more full! We have my Dad’s 60th Birthday and my new Grandpa’s Birthday to celebrate + I’ve got quite a few dates with my girl friends!

Enjoy your days everyone! Come back tomorrow for today’s daily eats ūüôā


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