Our Move to SLO + What We’ve Been Eating

Good morning everyone! I’m writing to you today from my home office in San Luis Obispo. Just got done journaling. My heart is in a grateful place, and I’m ready to share this move with y’all. Prepare for pictures 🙂

Paige and Marco

Let’s start with BEFORE we moved on last Wednesday. My friend Aubrey surprised us with a dinner full of our friends and family at Cafe Fiore. I cried. Like a baby. This was so sweet and we felt so loved.

chase, paige, jinna, and terry

The day after was Thanksgiving where we enjoyed seeing family over at my aunties house in Ventura. It was so fun getting to be with our family before leaving. This picture is my Bro Chase, me, sis-n-law (plus baby on the way!), and my Bro Terry.

uhaul moving

The next day was packing up to move & clean day. We had friends & family helping us. We couldn’t have done it without them. I bought us all Corrales for breakfast (breakfast burritos) and we moved/cleaned for the entire day.

san luis obispo weather

We stayed the night at my parents house in Ventura on Friday and I woke up bright and early of Saturday morning (4:50 to be exact). I got up and watched the News of all things. I never watch the News! While up, I checked the weather and my heart sank. I’m not used to 36 degrees! Ha! This Southern Ca girl is wimpy, and I know everyone on the East Coast is laughing at me right about now 😉

urbane cafe san luis obispo

At 8:00A.M. we left for SLO. I drove Marco’s car, he drove the UHAUL, the parents drove my car, and Grandpa, our friend James, and my cousin Haley followed to help us.

We OF COURSE landed at Urbane Cafe right when we got to SLO (even though we have one in Ventura). We ate lunch, and then unpacked for the rest of the day. Yes, the house was unpacked by Saturday evening. We had such great help!

SLO Brew Burger

For dinner, we went to SLO Brew. I got the SLO Burger & Fries + a side salad with Bleu Cheese to share with my Momma. This pic is the entire plate. Yum, right?!

haley and paige

Movin’ girls! This is me and my cousin at SLO Brew. Haley of course is posing with a fork 😀 I mean, why not?

scout coffee slo

The next morning my Mom, Haley, and myself woke up early and walked to Scout Coffee in downtown SLO.

cappuccino scout coffee slo

My Momma & I got cappuccino’s & Hayz got a mocha. Momma ordered a morning bun to share. Too early for my morning bun to eat sugar. I’m not a sweets person in the A.M. We had some great girl time, drove Haley around more of SLO and then went back to meet the fam.

scout coffee inside slo

Wait… just one more picture… how cute is this coffee shop?

louisa's place slo

For breakfast, we all went to Louisa’s place. I got a sourdough breakfast sandwich with home fries on the side. I ate about half.

After breakfast, the family took off back home and Marco and I went grocery shopping and then started our hunt for a Gym in SLO.

first meal in our new home

First meal in our new home was later that afternoon – half turkey sandwiches, chippies, and the last of Dad’s salsa.

arugula salad

Dinner was taco’s and arugula salad with olive oil & balsamic.


Tacos were Organic beef tacos with salsa verde and avocado. Yum!


After dinner, we walked town for a while. While out, we got a RedBox. We made popcorn at home to share while we watched our movie.

eggs and toast

The next day was Monday. My first day back to work and regular life since the move. We started the day out with eggs and toast, and then I got to work for several hours.

healthy hits the spot office

soft tacos

I took a break around 11 for the Gym with Marco. We ended up finding a Gym that has just what we need. I’ll never talk bad about LA Fitness in Ventura, ever again. I miss it – mostly the classes!

tomato soup and paninis

Monday was filled with walking around town, running errands, and getting really settled into our new place. For dinner, we had roasted red bell pepper and tomato soup with pesto chicken panini’s. Yum! Truly… Panini’s are a fav food of mine.


We decided on dessert after dinner before getting cozy and watching some Netflix. Leftover apple pie with ice cream it was. Momma brought an apple pie for Marco when she drove up on our moving day 🙂


The next day was Tuesday. I woke up without too much of an appetite, so after being up for an hour or so I sat down to have a little bowl of cereal with rice milk.

eggs and chicken on toast

When breakfast did sound good (and M woke up) I made us eggs with chicken and toast. I got a Crockpot on Monday while we were out, so I had made chicken through the day. Got to use it at breakfast 🙂

avo toast and soup

I worked through the afternoon with Clients. I took a break for lunch around 1 or 2 and had pesto + avo toast and tomato soup.

avo toast

See the pesto under the avo? Definitely hit the spot 🙂


I wanted a snack later in the evening before dinner so I had a few chippies and dark chocolate almond milk. I took a work break with M and walked all around downtown SLO. We’ve been walking a ton here to explore.

rain in slo

It was super chilly and rainy yesterday (thank God). Outside my office window.

cooking quinoa in a rice cooker

When we got home I had to work for a couple more hours into the evening. While I worked, dinner cooked. Quinoa in the bottom, and pre-cooked Jalapeño sausage sliced up on top to steam. This was perfect!

cooking quinoa in the rice cooker

See the Quinoa under there?

kale quinoa and sausage

When I got off, I quickly sautéed some Kale and we had dinner. Mix with a little soy sauce and avo, pair with a spinach and peanut dressing salad and we’re all good. Simple.

After dinner last night we walked to the movies and saw Horrible Bosses 2. I died laughing.

living room

To end, here’s a picture of our cute little living room. I’m loving our home here, although it is the COLDEST house I’ve ever lived in. I’ve been wearing warm clothes and socks since we arrived 😉

finding balance e-book

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P.S. I’ll be back later to correct this post, I’m running out the door to meet for coffee 🙂

xo, your coach

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