Our Own Taco Tuesday

Good morning friends.

I hope you all slept well. I basically forced myself out of bed this morning. My bed was way too cozy. But now I have my coffee & my blog, and I’m good 😉



eggs and toast

Two over-medium eggs and Ezekiel toast with Kerrygold butter + coffee with Organic whole milk


botanical gardens hike

After breakfast, I worked for a while, and then the parents came over at 8:30 to walk with me at the Botanical Garden’s trail. I took this photo to show you the coast and Ventura, but to also show you how dry we are getting out here! Rain? Please? Those bushes are just a wildfire waiting to happen.

paige and dad hiking

Me and Dad 🙂



After our hike I wanted fruit and water. So, I drank a big ol’ glass of water and made a smoothie with the only fruit I had: one frozen banana. Inside: frozen banana, a little bit of plain greek yogurt, a little bit of milk, lots of water, a T of raw cacao, a T of chia seeds and a T of peanut butter. Pretty good! Oh, and ice cubes 🙂


leftover pasta soup

Lunch was leftover chicken & pasta soup. The last of it! So yummy 🙂 I can’t believe how long this held me over. I must have eaten around 1:30 and it held me through dinner until 7:00.

Well, I guess there was one point where I was craving popcorn, but I was still working. I thought about making it and bringing it to my desk but then told myself “no way, we are not going to start that mindless habit.” Haha! So, I told myself I could take a break and have some popcorn but really, it wasn’t worth it to me (that’s how I know when I’m not hungry – I don’t want to take a break to eat mindfully). I planned to have it after dinner, but after dinner, I had lost my craving for it.


homemade beef tacos

Mmm-mmm-mmm were these good! We had our own little taco Tuesday at the Schmidt house (wow, weird to say it like that!).

Shopping Ingredients from TJ’s:

  • box of hard shell tacos
  • one lb. of grass fed (frozen) ground beef
  • one bag mexican blend shredded cheese
  • one organic tomato
  • one white onion
  • one bag organic romaine hearts
  • one jar salsa verde (green salsa)
  • one bag taco seasoning (you’ll only use half for one lb. of meat)
  • have one hand: salt and pepper

Get out a big ol’ pot, throw the frozen ground beef in there over medium high heat, cover it, and every couple of minutes separate the thawed parts of the meat from the frozen block with a fork (leave it all in the pot to cook). In no time, everything with be thawed and it will cook just right. Once it’s all thawed, add in your half packed of taco seasoning + S&P. Chop your veggies. Heat your oven or toaster oven to 425 and warm the hard shell tacos for 2-3 minutes. Put everything together, and enjoy!

I left the lettuce on the side mostly because I didn’t want to break the shells with too much stuffing. We added the lettuce as we ate. Oh, and I did put a dollop of plain greek yogurt on each plate to act as sour cream. Again, the Husband didn’t notice! Such a yummy dinner!

Pack leftovers

leftover dinner tacos to taco salad

After dinner, I opened a can of kidney beans, chopped some more lettuce and made us each a taco salad bowl for lunch the next day (today!). All we have to do today is crunch up a few chippies and add salsa to the top 🙂

Hope you’ll add these yummy tacos to your menu ideas for next week.

You know what I’m craving at the moment for next weeks menu plan? This Bolognese by Giada. Who loves Giada DeLaurentiis?



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