Our Trip to Paso Robles

Note: some of the photos might be showing up sideways for you — sorry! Having a hard time fixing this so I’m just goin’ with it 😉

Good afternoon friends! I’m writing your from Amsterdam Coffee Shop in Paso Robles. Marco is out meeting with someone, so I’m taking a few hours to work before we come home 🙂

I’ve taken pictures through yesterday and today, so I figured I’d share for today’s post!

taqueria vallarta ventura

We left town yesterday around 1:00 and stopped at Taqueria Vallarta before leaving Ventura. I got two steak street tacos.

On our way to Paso, we stopped in SLO to get a coffee and I bumped into my new friend Hannah 🙂 That was random and fun!

Paso Robles Inn

We got to Paso Robles around 4:00. This was the view outside of our room at the Paso Robles Inn. So cute! Nothing beats our SLO Apple Farm though 🙂

berry hill bistro

For dinner we went to Berry Hill Bistro. I started dinner with a side salad with creamy mediterranean dressing. No idea what it was but it sure was good 🙂

berry hill bistro paso robles

For dinner I ordered a Chicken Florentine Panini. They had gluten free bread option, so I chose that. This was pretty good… The spinach was a little funky, so I took most of it out, but everything was good. The pesto inside did the trick 😉

Paige Schmidt, HC

I took a selfie in the room because I like documenting trips, and I like taking pictures. Guilty! The husband? He could really care less. Plus, by the time I asked him to take a picture, his shirt was off and he was ready to relax. Haha! No shame selfies then.

Paso Robles Inn

We woke up to the same beautiful, sunny view. Marco slept until 9:00. I got up at 7:00 and had such a sweet time of quiet studying and reading. I worked on my Beth Moore study and read a chapter in my Soul Keeping book.

breakfast paso robles inn

We went to a late breakfast around 10:30. I ordered eggs, potatoes, and bacon. I love bacon from restaurants. So thick and crispy! This breakfast has to hold us over until dinner just because of the structure of our day — I ate my whole plate. It was delish!

amsterdam coffee shop paso robles

Now I’m sitting here at Amsterdam sipping an iced Americano with soy getting work done for the day. I’ll be here for a few hours until I meet up with the Husband again, then we’ll be headed back home. I’ve got a full week ahead. A great balance of work and friends/family time.

toms navy galapagos sandal toms navy galapagos sandal

To end this post… I’m debating on a pair of sandals as I sit here for a few hours (they’re on hold at a cute shop down the road). They’re super comfy, cute, and are priced at $59.00.

What do you think? Would you buy em’? 

I think I like them a lot. Okay, I like them a lot!


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