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Good-morning everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed Ashten’s Post yesterday! Did you see my post over at her site?

Marco and I had such a good vacation. I fell even more in love with SLO this trip! I can’t wait to share pictures with you!

apple farm room in san luis obispo

We arrived Saturday afternoon after I went to my Soul Keeping book group — which I’m also loving! Look how adorable our room was! This bed was a King. Marco and I have a full (yeah, I know!). This gave me the itch for a King sized bed!

paige schmidt going out in slo

When we got to SLO we got ready and walked around downtown a bit before meeting friends. I got ready a bit more than I normally do while in SLO and that was so fun! Hence, the reason why I took a couple selfies. Had-tah do it.

curled hair

It was the first time in a while I’d curled my hair too, which lessened my desire for wanting to dye it… even though I probably still will… we’re talking dark blonde or a really light brown. Last week, I was so ready to darken my hair a bit so that it would be less maintenance. Still can’t decide!

slo brewery tacos

Anyway, enough about my hair… back to SLO! We went out Saturday night for dinner with our new friends Hannah and Matt (hi guys!). We had dinner at SLO Brew where I ordered fish tacos (this was on the appetizer menu!) and a side salad with balsamic. I ate one taco at dinner + my salad and enjoyed another late at night while M was finishing up his frenchy fries back at the hotel.

side salad

The side salad was great too, and without thinking, I ate the croutons. The rest of the trip was pretty easily gluten/dairy free. And to report, my knees are doing well right now. I owe thanks to turmeric too! Oh, and taking a week break from strenuous exercise! I had a margarita on the rocks with this meal.

After dinner Matt and Hannah took us to the Black Sheep for another drink. We sat in the back on the patio and talked for another hour or so. We had so much fun with them! For those of you who didn’t read last week – Hannah and I met through my blog, and we met up with them for dinner this weekend in SLO.

paige schmidt in SLO

The next morning I woke up and got ready for Church with coffee in hand. Didn’t even have to wash my hair! Plus side of spending the time to do your hair the day before.

splash cafe in slo

On our way to Church we stopped at Splash Cafe for breakfast. I got scrambled eggs, bacon, and a soy cappuccino.

calvary church slo

We checked out Calvary SLO. This place was packed with College Kids about 10 minutes after this photo was taken. I guess being 10 minutes early to Church is early for this place. We liked the service… but we’re going to try out another recommended Church (Mountain Brook) the next time we are up.

pismo beach ca pier

After Church we drove to Pismo Beach and hung out for the afternoon. We walked around town, watched a surf competition for a bit, and then stopped for lunch.

lettuce wrapped vegan burger

We ate at the Cool Cat Cafe. I ordered a lettuce wrapped Vegan burger and shared fries with Marco. After lunch we played around Pismo a bit more and then headed back to our hotel, where we fell asleep for four hours. Ha! That was not expected, but felt so good! Especially for Marco. Sleep is such a gift to him these days.

side salad with balsamic

Once we woke up we got ready and headed out for Morro Bay. We drove around, re-visited the town a bit and then drove to Baywood where we had dinner. We decided on Mexican Food. I can’t remember the name of the place, but it’s right next door to the Baywood Inn where we stayed last time we went to Morro Bay.

I started dinner with a side salad & balsamic.

chips and salsa

Then went on to share some corn (thank goodness!) chippies with Marco. This salsa was so good!

biggest burrito

You guys can’t even begin to see with this photo just how big this burrito is. Okay, imagine how large your mexican food plates usually are. This is a regular sized Mexican food plate that is filled entirely by this burrito. Marco said before he started “I remember how bad I felt last time after finishing this, so I’m only eating half!” Haha. This place is good! 


I ordered fajita’s and at half. There were rice & beans on the side which I also ate. I saved half for the next day with the corn tortilla’s, but we ended up wanting something different the next day.

mr and mrs schmidt

After dinner we came back to the hotel, got cozy in our PJ’s, watched a movie, and then fell back asleep around 11:00. I had such a good time with this boy 🙂

need coffee

I woke up in the morning “I need. coffee.” style… so the Husband went down the lobby and brought me some. Apparently yesterday was National Coffee Day. I didn’t believe it at first, but then I googled it. It was really true!

fruit for pastries

After we cozied around a bit we went to breakfast. The Apple Farm always brings you a muffin, scone, or biscuit with your breakfast, and they kindly allowed me to sub fruit since they didn’t have anything gluten-free.

eggs potatoes and bacon

For breakfast I ordered eggs, bacon, and potatoes. This was heavenly, and felt so substantial. I was craving some good substance. I ate mostly everything except for a few tater’s.

scout coffee in san luis obispo

At 11:00 I dropped the Husband off at a meeting he had and went to Scout Coffee for work. It’s so cute inside!

scout coffee iced vanilla latte

I ordered an iced Vanilla Latte with Soy (same thing I ordered last time). I was so refreshing. Ah… I worked at Scout for about 2 hours and then headed to pick up M.

the habit slo lettuce wrapped burger

We headed out for lunch around 3:00, which was many many hours after breakfast. I was definitely ready for some food. We landed ourselves at The Habit where I ordered fries and a hamburger (real patty this time) wrapped in lettuce. Mmm, crispy crunchy.

Note to Jen: we tried to go to The Wild Donkey like you’d suggested, but they were closed on Monday. Darn! Next time 🙂

bubble gum alley SLO healthy hits the spot

We walked around a bit after lunch and made sure to mark our spot in bubble-gum-alley (even though I had no gum). An HHS card will do 🙂

spencer mckenzies ventura fish tacos and ahi pocket

We drove the two hours home, unpacked, hangout for a while, and then headed out to dinner around 7:30. We landed at Spencer McKenzie’s to grab something small. Marco got a fish taco and I got two Ahi Pockets. These are tofu pockets stuffed with rice, seared ahi, and topped with green onions & “dynamite sauce.” Very yummy! Def. not sure if they’re gluten-free though for those of you that must eat g-free.

We ended our night with a Jess (New Girl) and went off to bed. I was so not ready for our Vacation to be over just because it was so nice. Another will be here soon 🙂

I’m wishing you all a great day! I’m off to work/walk/grocery shop/and re-organize. I’ll see you back here tomorrow with this weeks list of Meal Idea’s!


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