Out of Town Eats & Returning Home

Morning girls! Thank you so much to those of you who were at Girl Talk last night, or who will be listening in today. I’m still thinking of you girls, especially those of you who asked questions. It was so great to be with you!

Today, Marco and I are back in San Luis Obispo. It feels nice to be settled back in our little home for now. I’m starting the morning off at a coffee shop with my friend Asia having “biz time,” as we call it (aka, take computers to Starbucks and work!).

Later this morning I’m heading over to Trader Joe’s to do grocery shopping, and get life here in SLO going again. The rest of the day will be spent with my clients, and this evening, I’m making dinner for my sweet friend Dom. Ah, it’s good to be home.

Before I dive into daily eats from the past few days, I want to remind us all that the purpose of sharing my eats with you is to inspire each of you to listen to your own body, and connect with you in a fresh, light, and fun way. I adore you girls!


Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Soup & Toast w/ Hummus

Sunday morning I had a late breakfast of vegetable soup (my aunt Shelly made tons for our family – so nice!) with toasted baguette and dads homemade hummus. This meal has been my go to for the last several days.

In the afternoon this day, I met up with my friend Aubrey to help her clean out her house (she just sold it!). When I got home, I had another small piece of toast with hummus on top (not pictured) and then jumped in the shower to get ready for the evening.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Toki Ramen, Ventura, CA

Around 5:00 Marco and I left my parents house to enjoy dinner together at Toki, a ramen house in Ventura. It was deeeeelicious. This has quickly become one of my favorite places! I ordered the vegan rice noodle bowl. Holy heavens. So good!

I took some home and enjoyed the leftovers later in the evening while I was hanging out with my mama. After dinner, Marco and I walked across the parking lot to the night service at our Church, Mission Ventura. Great service!


Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Eggs & Toast w/ Hummus

Monday morning started out with eggs and toast with hummus. I’m telling you girls, this whole toast and hummus thing has been my jam lately. I’ve been so into it!

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Homemade Tacos

For lunch, I had one potato taco, and one beef taco my dad made. This was a quick and easy grab while I was doing a ton of work / dealing with getting a new car / insurance at the same time. Lord! This car thing. I can’t wait until it’s over.

Paige, Asia, Morgan

In the late afternoon, I drove to Camarillo to meet my girl friends who drove down from SLO to do shopping. Ah, it felt so special to have two new friends near my hometown. It reminded me how lucky I am (post on making new friends coming in an OPEN UP post soon!)

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Girls Night Snacks

After some shopping in Camarillo, I drove back to my moms house to have a girls night with a few of my aunts, cousins, and friends. We had “game night” planned, but ended up drinking wine, talking, being absolutely silly, and looking through old photos instead of touching our games.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Vegetable Soup

Since I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, I sat down with some soup and toast to enjoy a meal as girls night got started. Through the evening, I also had some veggies and dip and a few rice crackers with pesto alongside my wine and seriously, tons of laughter.


Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Clif Bar & Coffee

Tuesday morning started with a quick doc appointment. Marco took me, and after having my blood drawn we stopped for coffee. I also grabbed a blueberry crisp Clif bar. It was just okay! I think I like the texture more than the flavor. We took our coffee and bar on a walk at the beach.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Fruit Smoothie

When we got home, I worked for several hours, and dad made me a great fruit smoothie. Yum, yum!

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Subway Turkey Sub

Around 12:30, Marco and I took a break to pick up lunch from Subway. I got a 12-inch turkey sub with olive oil and vinegar + plus literally ever single veggie they had. I love the crunch so much. Anyone else? I ate this throughout the afternoon with breaks between.

After lunch, I worked with clients, and then ended the day with mine and Simi’s Girl Talk call, where we answered questions live, talked about our happy & healthy weight, and invited everyone on the call to join us in MASTERY. It was so fun!

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot | Corned Beef & Cabbage

To end the day, I heated up leftovers from St. Patricks day dinner (the Friday before) but only ate a bit of it. I guess I wasn’t as into it right then as I thought I was! Just wanted something small before we drove home to SLO, so I picked at my plate.

Here I am now, as I said, back in SLO and ready to enjoy the next 4 days in our little town with great friends and my hubby. Thank you for being here with me!

A Final Note…

Paige | Simi

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Want in? Join today, and you’ll immediately be able to dive in your Finally Free Program videos, worksheets, and goal sets and finish Session 1 just in time for our first call next Tuesday!

finally free program

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Anyone have questions about MASTERY? Ask in the comments, or email us directly at contact@finallyfreeprogram.com.

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These women inspire the heck out of us, and we’ll be sharing Rachel’s story tomorrow! We’d love for you to be our next Finally Free story! Join us in MASTERY, we’d love to have you, and we start soon!

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