Overnight Oats has a Sister (or Brother)



Good morning everyone! Hope you all slept great! I have found a new fav. breakfast food. It’s become a craving!


Bran flakes, uncle sam wheat berry/flaxseed cereal, almond butter, and rice milk all mixed together. It reminds me of Overnight Oats with the Almond Butter mixed in, and the wheat berry flakes. If you added in raisins, chia seeds, and all the other Overnight Oat ingredients, I’m sure it would taste even more similar. Thanks to my brother, Chase!


Yesterday I got to spend the hours between 9 & 4 pm with these little boys (+ Nolan, who wouldn’t take a picture). They are the absolute cutest. 9-4 with them flys by!



Okay, so remember the other night when I didn’t finish a lot of my Italian food? Well, I ate half of the leftovers yesterday. The other half, I just couldn’t do! TOO much food. RIP other half. I wanted lots of different things yesterday, so I had small portions of whatever I wanted. I didn’t really have “lunch.” I guess if you combined the pasta, eggplant parmesan, and chips, that could be lunch… but I spread them out instead of eating them all together.

I first had a small portion of pasta


Then an apple (handpicked) + a kiwi



A handful of homemade chips. I found these while babysitting and just could not resist!



A scoop of my eggplant parmesan



Yogurt w/ graham cracker crumbs, cashews, and a few dark chocolate power berries


This is the little bowl that I was using all day.. Looking at the pictures I’m thinking “Wow! I was snacky yesterday!” Knowing me, today I’ll be less snacky. My body always seems to balance itself out that way.



A repeat of breakfast! I was craving this exact thing at night again. Bran flakes + Uncle Sams cereal, almond butter, and almond milk (I switch between rice & almond)


Petite Treat

And for dessert, another scoop of almond butter + an apple


I ate this while I sat outside with Marco and Noah, and sipped on some African Nectar tea

IMG_2072.JPG IMG_2073.JPG

I must’ve called his name 20 times to take a picture, and he would not look at me!


Hummingbird! Hummingbirds always remind my family of my grandmother, so I love when I see one 🙂


I finally just went over to him to try and take a photo, and then he looked away again! Haha! He looks so annoyed with me in this picture


As soon as I realized how much I was annoying him, I brought him over to sit with me and gave him some belly rubs (and secretly snuck a picture)


Haha, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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