Overwhelmed With Joy Today

I am overwhelmed with tears of joy this morning.

I jumped on Facebook today before I started blogging and checked my coaching group. This is a private, online group for my coaching clients.

In the group there was a video that said “Hi, Paige Schmidt HC! Happy birthday from your HHC girls…we made a little present for you!”

It was a video from my clients, from all over the world, talking to me and saying “Happy Birthday! We love you!”

I honestly can hardly put into words just how much this meant to me. Best Birthday present ever. My heart is so full today. Ah 🙂

breakfast sandwich

Yesterday started out editing my e-book. I took a break to have brunch with Marco and my Mom. We went to Allison’s Country Cafe. I got my favorite breakfast sandwich with taters, but only ended up eating the sandwich. It was so good! 

After breakfast Marco and I had to run some errands. We: (1) got my car washed for free (2) turned in an application to a home in San Luis Obispo! (3) went to TJ’s and then came back home.

I had a deadline yesterday to send my e-book in for design. It’s in design now! CAN’T WAIT until it’s out!

Salsa & Beer

In the afternoon I finished my leftover veggie burrito from my Birthday dinner the night before. Lovely picture right? You know this was freaking delicious even with such a bad picture. Haha!

Birthday Treat

I went to my Bible Study at 4:30 and walked in to everyone singing me Happy Birthday with this cute little fruit tarte! Ah, I loved it! So thankful for these girls 🙂

Rice and Chicken

I ended the night at home with my Hubby. I cooked us chicken, rice, and peas since TJ’s hasn’t had any broccoli the last few weeks. Are we in a broccoli shortage?


To end, today I took the bouquet in my living room, threw away the dying pieces, and made myself a new little office bouquet. Now this is sitting at my office desk 🙂

I’ll keep you guys updated on the house application. We’re going up to SLO this weekend to hunt a bit more, except this time, my Mom & Dad are coming!


Love, Paige

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