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Marco and I got to be parents for the weekend, and it was a BLAST. Of course, a tiring blast, as in I woke up a zombie Monday morning… But nothing less than a total adventure that we’d do over 1,000 more times.

Remember Chloe? The little girl I used to hangout with in my babysitting days? Those of you who have been reading HHS for a long time probably remember our MANY photos and posts. She’s my best little gal pal. Well, this weekend her and her brother stayed with us while their mama did a training out near our house.


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I’ll start by sharing Friday with ya.

The morning started out with the gym, a meeting, a tea latte, and a toasty english muffin with pumpkin cream cheese. Following breakfast I did more office work, had another meeting, and then took a break for lunch with a friend.

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I met my friend Caitlin for lunch at Urbane Cafe. We split a SoCal which is their fresh baked bread, avocado, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pepper jack cheese. Each plate comes with a yummy side salad which has spring mix, feta cheese, mandarin oranges, and balsamic. We also each got our own artichoke soup. Mmm!

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After lunch, I ran home, transformed my office into a guest bedroom for the kids and their mama, and then went to Scout coffee with my friend Dominique to do more work from 2-5. We love co-working from a coffee shop on Fridays. It’s so nice to get out of the house when you work from home!

I enjoyed an iced soy latte while we were there.

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By the time dinner arrived (7 o’clock hour) the kids and their mom were here. We went out to dinner at Firestone where I ordered a small Southwestern Salad and nibbled on a few french fries on the side.

After dinner, we all came home and CRASHED early since we had a big day the next day.


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Marco worked a half day on Saturday, which means he got to be with us until 2:00.

To start the morning, Marco, myself, and the kids walked to Splash cafe where I ordered a croissant breakfast sandwich. Inside: tomatoes, red onion, bacon, egg, and remoulade sauce. This is INSANELY good from Splash if you’re ever in SLO for breakfast.

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After breakfast, we packed up the kids and their scooters and walked/scootered/ran (running = me catching up to them before they’d get to a corner, haha!) the Bob Jones Trail.

In the middle of the trail is a park where we stopped and played for a good 45 minutes. The kids had a blast. My friend Caitlin and her little guy joined us too! Callan fell asleep in my arms halfway back, so needless to say my arms got a killer workout. Hah! It was so sweet… He had his head all nuzzled into my neck so safe and sound.

After a little nap time, we landed at the Avila Barn to play at the pumpkin patch. Chloe got to ride a horse. Callan climbed on pumpkins. We all got ice cream, and they got to look at the animals.

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After our fun morning we came home, had lunch (I didn’t take a photo – forgot! – but it was 2 slices of pizza I made at home), and had a cozy afternoon watching a movie.

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For dinner, we went to Woodstocks Pizza here in SLO where I ordered a big ol’ salad with bleu cheese and added chicken. So good! This is the Brother Tom’s salad and has your basic salad veggies on top (mushroom, tomato, carrot, cucumbers, onion) with croutons and cheese.


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Sunday was the last day the kids were with us. The day started slowly with coloring and cozy time.

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Each kiddo woke up and watched their own show while I made breakfast and fully embraced my quiet morning cup of coffee. I loved the feeling of having kids in the house while I was cooking. I can’t get enough of them!

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For breakfast we had eggs, bacon, and avocado.

After breakfast we got the kids ready, M went to the gym, and I packed a picnic lunch. I did Chloes hair, and gave her a very special headband that she was so excited about (see pic below – so cute!).

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For lunch we had cherry tomatoes (these kids LOVE tomatoes), cucumbers, chippies, and roast beef sandwiches with cheese, tomato, red onion, and lettuce (a little diff for each of the kids).

We scootered around the park, played on the swings and jungle gym, and chatted about Chloes friend while we ate lunch.

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Callan and I walked home from the park a little bit before Marco and Chloe, as this boy wanted to take a nap. We had some special time together before he went down, ate more tomatoes, goofed off with my camera, and FaceTimed my niece Sofia (who I get to see this Friday!).

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Once Callan went to sleep and Chloe and Marco got back home we had some more quiet time. We watched a little bit of a movie in the living room together, and then spent about 1.5 hours coloring this picture while our biggest boy Marco took a nap himself. We finished this whole picture. Chloe was so determined to have it done for her mom. So sweet!

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The kids left at about 3:00, and I’ve gotta say… I was sad! I had so much fun with them over the weekend. I loved the feeling of focusing so much on them, their needs, their joys, and what they wanted to do. I’ve got a real soft spot in my heart for kids.

Marco and I ended the day with a SUPER simple dinner, a little nap, and then a walk to our Growth Group. On our way home from group we stopped at Que Pasa to catch a little bit of football, have a beer, and snack on chips and salsa.

Overall, it was such a good weekend, and I can’t wait to have the same kind of weekends with our own little niece once she’s big enough and can come stay with her auntie and uncle! For now, we’ll visit her. It’s her first Halloween this weekend! 🙂

Thanks for hanging with me as I reminisce through this past weekend.



Love, Paige

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