#ParkYourThirst and @HonestTea

Good morning everyone! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the weekend!

I had such a fun one. Did you see Marco & I at my cousin Carrie’s Wedding?


We had so much fun, and can’t wait until our Wedding! It’s just over 3 months away! Eeeeeek! 🙂

Today I want to share with you an awesome Program that I’ve partnered with through HONEST Tea.

I got an email about a month back from Honest Tea asking if I’d like to partner with them in encouraging people to get out and visit our National Parks. I immediately thought “wow, that’ll be cool! Easy for me to do in CA, we have Parks all around us!”

So, I quickly said yes, they sent me a case of HONEST Tea in exchange for this post, and I was ready to take my Selfie at a Park.

Now comes my moment of *palm to forhead — DUH!!* I received the box, tell Marco all about it, and realize that this is about NATIONAL Parks. Not the little State Parks we are surrounded by. Gah! I emailed Honest Tea, and they said it’s no problem at all, you just have to visit A PARK and snap a selfie of yourself there 🙂

park your thirst

Here’s how YOU can get involved:

  1. Take a selfie of yourself at any park, enjoying the outdoors via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook
  2. Tag it with #ParkYourThirst and include @HonestTea in the message

You’ll be automatically entered to win a 30 day supply of HONEST Tea and Annual Park Pass!

PLUS, as a reader of Healthy Hits the Spot YOU will be entered to win a 30 Day Supply of HONEST Tea just by sharing with me right here in the comments what spending time outdoors means to you! Go ahead, leave a comment, and I will personally select one of you to #ParkYourThirst and get a 30 Day Supply mailed right to your house 🙂 

Join us all in celebrating a green(er) month!

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