People Pictures of a Fun Weekend!

Can you believe this? A blog post with no food and all people. Wow! 😉

This weekend was much too eventful to even include food. The events are much more interesting then the 3 times I ate out, the quickly thrown together meals, and the Taco Bell that Marco and I got last night 😉 In case you’re dying to know, I got a fresco bean burrito and taco. The Vodka soda I had beforehand made me. I swear.

Anyway, let’s get to the weekend!



Baby Klover was born!


Here is Holly & Ej before she came.

She was born at 10:33 and she was 10.9lbs! She beat her brother by .5lb! I was trying to find the post when Kingston was born and I can’t find it! 🙁


My cousin, me, Candace, and Jamie! Waiting for the baby!


There she is!!! She is soo perfect!



Saturday, I had a meeting here in Ventura regarding Nutrition Consulting. After my meeting, Marco and I headed over to the Hospital to see Klover and hold her for the first time!


He’s a natural!


That’ll be us in a lot of years. Ha! I’m serious…. I want to be married for a while before kids! Does everyone say that?


She’s so little but so big!

IMG_2296.JPG 530929_10151126431080812_196447857_n

Her brother holding her!


Look at that hairpiece!


Momma and baby!


After the Hospital, Marco and I went out to lunch at Baja Fresh and split a Burrito Dos Manos… Yumm! Then we headed over to the beach to walk around in the rain and see the waves. They were 11ft in Ventura! They don’t look that big in the picture, but they were huge!


It was over-cast and beaaautiful. I love rainy days soo much. The whole worlds feels a little slower and a bit closer.


We also started our Advent Calendars on Saturday 🙂

Marco’s grandma got us these! I haven’t had one since I was a little kid! That reminds me, it’s the 3rd! We’ve got some catching up to do 😉



Sunday after Church, Marco and I did some Christmas shopping and then met up with our friends Kelsey and Rodney. We went downtown to Palermo and got mostly hot chocolate. I got a soy latte 🙂 I tried Marcos hot chocolate and totally stuck my finger in his whipped cream. Haha, It was really good!


Us ♡


Them ♡

After Palermo, we met our parents in the Channel Islands Harbor at Yolanda’s. We all had a fun dinner, got a Margarita, and visited. Darn, no picture! That was one I really wanted, too!


After dinner, we went out with a bunch of friends to Brendan’s in Newbary Park. It was such a fun night!

This is Kelsey and I


And of course, me & Marco.

After we took them home, we snuck off to Taco Bell for our midnight munchies. Hey, this is totally fine every once in a while, right? Better than High School when my friend Angela and I would go 3 times a week! At least! 😉

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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