Per Request, Daily Eats

Good morning everyone!

So, I promised someone on instagram that today would be a daily eats post so, here it is! 🙂

By the way… Thank you girls for your sweet emails yesterday! I love that yesterdays post meant so much to many of you. I will be getting back to the rest of the emails soon! I’m swamped with work today, but I am not forgetting about you 🙂


Yesterdays Breakfast was beans with the egg casserole. This picture is stolen from another day, but it literally looked exactly the same 🙂

photo 1

After breakfast I got ready and headed off to Coffee Bean for a Health Consultation. There, I got a soy latte.


When I came home, I had lunch which was brown rice with leeks, garbanzo beans, soy sauce, and a sweet potato. I think since my breakfast was 100% protein, by lunch my body was wanting some filling carbs 🙂


After lunch I had a treat of a few dried mango slices and apple with organic peanut butter.

IMG_4672.JPG photo 2

For a mid-day snack I had a tiny bit of Naked Green Machine while babysitting

photo 3

Harper and I did hair for the entire afternoon 🙂 She got a new little Disney Salon kit and was “blowdrying” and “straightening” my hair. So cute!


Around dinner, I still had to work, so I made a Green Smoothie.


After work, I had a few bites of Marco’s Chicken Tamale.

We went on a walk with Noah after this, and he got another tamale at the Farmer’s Market, and I had a few more bites. These were so filling even with just having a few bites.


In the evening, I was craving beans. Of course! I had a tiny little bowl 🙂 This bowl is only like 2 inches wide.

Note, this is a can of refried beans. I usually don’t eat them out of the can. I’m not yet sure of the difference, but these gave me a stomach ache. When I eat the beans I had for breakfast, zero stomach ache. The ones I had for breakfast come in a bag, and they are dehydrated. I think dehydrating them must help break something down. I’ll have to look into that.

Okay guys! Well, I’ve got to go work on some Laundry, and then I’m meeting with a friend before the day starts. Have a wonderful day, and I will see you back here tomorrow for more daily eats ♡

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