Personal Development vs Self-Help Striving

This week I am talking about BEING the woman you want to be (not just THINKING about becoming her). I want to talk about the difference between actually developing each DAY into who you want to be (personal development), versus getting stuck in a self-help loop where you’re so focused on the HOW that you don’t actually get to become her (self-help striving). 

Personal Development vs Self-Help Striving

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Self-help striving versus actual daily personal development into who you already are can be a blurry line sometimes. Whenever I need to step back and see what I’m actually going for, I ask myself these questions:

WHO do you want to be each day and why does it matter to you? What would that sort of day look like?

THAT is what you’re spending your time on. BEING her. Not thinking about it for 24 hours and all the while you’re 100% distracted from everything that actually matters to you. That is self-help striving.

Personal development? It’s the stuff you care about, lived. You know why it matters to you, and then you’re in the practice of doing it. Sure, you mess up, but because you’re intentional you come back to who you want to be.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why being intentional and knowing your values is important for personal development
  • How to identify if you are growing into the person you want to become, or just thinking about striving for that version of yourself you imagine becoming.

Mentioned in this Episode:

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