Petite-Treat & a Note About College/Blogging

Good morning everyone! How did you all sleep? Hopefully great! I knocked out last night, and could hardly wake up this morning! I slept better than I have slept in a long time!

Last night when I came home from the gym, I made this Petite Treat

It was one small peach, 1/2 a banana, and about 1/2 cup cottage cheese.

It was so delicious, and so perfect to have right after the gym! I was quite pleased 🙂

I wanted to talk to you guys about a couple things, because school has started and life is going to get more busy around here. As some of you know, a few months back I was planning on stopping the blog while I went through nursing school. After some time passed, I realized that’s not what I want to do at all, because I love this blog and it’s a great thing for me! Everything about it adds GOOD to my life. I love interacting with so many people about healthy living, and just regular, normal every day life.

So, instead, I decided that I will continue through school. I’m just going to have to make sure my priorities are straight. In terms of gym/work/blogging/school, school is the most important thing to me right now. I go to school Monday-Thursday, but am actually studying and doing homework 7 days a week. I have to study EVERY SINGLE day to get the A’s that I know I can get; I just have to FOCUS! The gym and my blog are also very important to me, because they make me happy, and they’re hobbies in my life. The gym is easy because I can take notecards and go on the elliptical and study, just like I did last night. Blogging on the other hand takes much more time. SO, not that I’m going to stop, but if I’m not here my usual 3-5 times per day, it’s NOT that I’m tired of blogging at all! It’s just that I’m focusing on my priorities and trying to balance everything evenly so I don’t stress out 🙂

I thank you guys for being so patient with me, and going through this journey with me! It will be so much fun, and I’ll make sure to let you guys in on stuff I am learning too 🙂

See you back here later! 🙂

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