Pho Saigon with my Bro!


5:45 morning walk with Aubs!


7:00 two slices of toast with 2 eggs. One slice was the thin heal with organic jelly spread 🙂 Yum! Such a treat.


12:00 green smoothie


2:00 carrots & hummus + 1 spoonful of sunflower butter – I was craving something sweet, but had nothing sweet in my house. I was even out of fruit! This did the trick 🙂

IMG_5054.JPG IMG_5056.JPG

3:30-5:30 Vietnamese Food with my brother Chase – so much fun! My brother and I sat in the restaurant for 2 hours talking and catching up. I loved it 🙂


I got Well Cooked Beef Pho and added alllll of the sprouts and basil. Yum! Oh, and in the picture above, I had to get a Vietnamese Coffee. Yes, had to. I haven’t had one since I went on a girls trip with my friend Kayla two years ago. They are heavenly!

If you live in the area, Pho Saigon is amazing! You’ve got to try it. Port Hueneme! This was my second time eating there and I will definitely be back.

IMG_5059.JPG IMG_5060.JPG

8:30 I was a tiny bit hungry, because we started eating Pho around 3:30… So, at 8:30 I made a mini salad and a mini brown rice bowl. This was perfect! It felt like a miniature dinner that satisfied me just right

I was out by 9:15. That felt even better!

I hope you all have a wonderful night 🙂 I am about to jump on the phone with my Client (hi Natasha!) so I will see you all here in the morning 🙂

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