Pinterest Inspired Date

Good morning everyone! Hope you all had a great day yesterday 🙂

I sure did, I had most of the day off, and spent it with my love.


In the morning, we started our day off with the Gym. I did 35 minutes of cardio, and another 40 minutes of abs/weights/stretching. Before my workout I had a little bit of black Coffee + a Larabar


When I got home, I made breakfast. 1 egg, 1 white + a little bit of a homemade scone to taste + 1/3 cup of Oatmeal w/ 1 tsp. of brown sugar on top


And of course, another cup of joe 🙂


During my morning babysitting job, I snacked on a small handful of Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Trail Mix. Mmm!

When I got off work, I headed home and spent the morning organizing/doing laundry. I love accomplishing things like that before a relaxing day 🙂


For lunch, I made a delicious hot sandwich. Grilled/melty sandwiches are definitely one of my favorite foods. If I could eat 3 grilled/melty sandwiches a day, I’d be totally happy!


This one had whole wheat toast, turkey (which I cooked in a pan with butter)…


…goat cheese, tomato, and fresh basil just picked from the plant.. Soooo good!


I paired this sandwich with a small salad w/ peanut dressing


After lunch while I was showering/getting ready, I slowly sipped on this smoothie that my Momma made


After I got ready, Marco and I met up and began our date day 🙂

We went to Coffee Bean and got drinks to take to the beach

For her: regular Vanilla latte w/ NSA powder

For him: hot chocolate


It was suuuch a pretty day at the beach


Here was our little set-up in the back of my Prius. We just layed there and talked and looked at the beach with our drinks ♡


This date was inspired by this picture on Pinterest, of course! Haha… Have you ever taken a date idea from Pinterest? If so, what was it?


Hi guys!


For dinner, we went to Dominics Italian Restaurant in Oxnard. My foods teacher from high school owns this place and it’s deeeeelicious! I hadn’t been in a while! I had 2 slices of bread to start…


…which I drizzled lemon on.. hehe.. I did it on accident at first, and it was sooo good!


Next, Marco and I split this Bleu Cheese dinner salad


For dinner, I got Eggplant Parmesan…! Yep! Eggplant! I’ve now had it three ways that I like it! Hooray! Remember this post?


They serve the Parmesan w/ a side of Pasta. I asked for it with Marinara sauce, not meat.


I ate a little bit of the dinner, and packed the rest to go. Italian food is filling! Lunch will be good today 🙂 Leftovers are always best!


For dessert, two mints 😉


After dinner, we went back to our spot at the beach and watched the sunset


Sooo pretty!


After the sun went down there were just dark blue skies and the sound of the ocean… a nice cool breeze too.. such a good night 🙂 We just got a book that we are going to go through together, and I think this is going to be our study spot! Will announce the book soon 😛

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