Plate for Dinner, Whoops!


Good evening everyone! Today has been another amazing day 🙂 These days are the best days…

I woke up really early at 4:30 this morning and went to the Gym with Marco. It feels like we go on a little date at the start of each day. He drives, I am cozied up with my coffee on the way there, we talk, listen to music, and then workout together… I love it..!

Breakfast: handmade corn tortilla (TJ’s) with 3 egg whites, spinach, 1/8 c. of Daiya cheese + salsa


2 kiwis all sliced up on the side

Delllllicous! I would have like a little more fiber in the tortilla to hold me over longer, but… this did fine 🙂

After breakfast (3 hours later) I snacked on a Lemon Larabar before going out to some stores with my Mama… We had a little Mother/Daughter date this morning 🙂


For lunch, I packed 1 c. of whole wheat pasta w/ pesto plus 1 sliced up spicy sausage link

I heated this up while working


And, I started my lunch with a green salad w/ cucumbers, tomato, and a low-fat ranch dressing from TJ’s


For dinner: started off with a salad + cucumbers, tomato, and low-fat ranch… same as lunch, and just as good!


And, an empty plate 😉

I finished my veggie burger and said “Crap, I forgot to take a picture!” Yea, it was that good!


Here’s a picture of Marco’s half eaten burger instead, which was not veggie 😉

Mine had a whole wheat bun, a boca pattie, mustard, ketchup, pickles, onion, avocado, tomato, and lettuce. It was so good, and so satisfying!

Picture 1

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