Playing with Kido’s

Good evening everyone! Hope you’re all having a good day.

Hey, who’s expecting rain tomorrow? WE ARE! I’m happy about that!

photo 2

9:00 eggs & toast

I packed this to-go and cooked it at my morning job. It was perfect. I slept through my alarm and only had 20 minutes to get packed and going, so this was the perfect solution to my morning.

photo 1

Kenzie and I walked a TON Monday. We always do. I love my Mondays with this little one!

photo 1

I took her to the harbor to run around and see all of the boats. We had so much fun 🙂 She was so smiley and waving to everyone we saw. Love that little Gem.


12:00 half of this container of lentils, bruschetta, and tabouli mixed together from TJ’s


3:00 Green Smoothie

photo 2

5:30 decaf lattes with a Client! Yum! She loved them too 🙂

Organic original almond milk (I don’t even use vanilla anymore), decaf, and agave. Mmmm!

photo 3

For dinner, around 7:00 we had Greens at my parents house, and two tacos each. I was fine after the Greens, but Dottie…. oh, Dottie (I call my Mom by her first name because it’s so cute, and fun to say! She doesn’t mind)… she always gives you more food. I had one taco to try and was totally satisfied… then from the corner of my eye…. I see her bringing over two more beautifully made tacos for Marco and I… needless to say, I was full!

photo 4

At least they were small 🙂

photo 5

While we were eating dinner, my parents were watching little cousins Kingston and Klover. I think we ran off the tacos just running around the house chasing eachother. Ha! Is she not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Writing this post I’m really realizing how much exercise I get when I’m with kids… walking, the park, playing games, chasing each other, airplane, laughing… etc… A ton! And it’s fun! Yesterday was a sweet day.

Enjoy your evening! See you back tomorrow 🙂 Hopefully with rain!

Love, Paige

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