Positive Identity

Is the way you see yourself now aligned with the woman you want to be?

The woman you want to be is who you are when you’re operating from a place of love, trust, joy, and ease.

She’s YOU, fully aligned.

Today on the podcast I’m talking about the importance of what I’m referring to as positive identity.

(Side note: I think this actually is a concept of psychology, but I couldn’t find much out there on it, so I’m approaching it with my own spin.)

It’s a concept where you see yourself NOW as who you want to be.

Want to be a runner? Start seeing yourself as someone who enjoys running.

Want to enjoy your marriage more? Start looking for reasons as to why your marriage is enjoyable.

You may have heard the saying before “what you focus on expands” and it’s true. When we focus on something we start to see evidence of it everywhere.

It’s why it helped me so much to start thinking “marriage is easy” rather than my previous thought “marriage is hard.”

My marriage didn’t actually change much with either thought, but with “marriage is easy” I began a journey of enjoying my marriage and my spouse so much more.

This positive identity that I’m sharing with you today is how I:

  • started running
  • stopped drinking
  • enjoy my marriage more
  • started cooking feel-good food at home
  • stay present and enjoy motherhood
  • and the list goes on…

Whatever you want to INCREASE in yourself, it starts with seeing yourself a new way. I’m talking all about that in episode #99 Positive Identity:

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After you listen, come back here and leave a comment. I’d love to hear your takeaways!

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