Post Thanksgiving Chat (+ daily eats)

Hey beauty!

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was restful and fulfilling and you are feeling refreshed. And if you’re not and you’re feeling a little heavy after this food-centric holiday, nothing to feel bad about. A lot of people are! Let me know how I can support you in the comments – I want to help.

Funny story, I added an auto responder to my email this weekend and forgot to change the subject line from the last time I had an autoresponder… It said “I’m vacationing in Catalina Island.” Because of this, some of you thought that I was vacationing in Catalina. Haha! Hey, I wish! This teaches me two things:

  1. I haven’t had an auto responder up since I went to Catalina – I need to take more time off in December! 😉 Seriously though, now scheduling the last of my consultations for 2016. You can get more info on working with me one on one here (we’ll start in December or January).
  2. I need to be way better at double checking the subject line before I schedule an auto responder to go out!

How was your Thanksgiving? Was the audio helpful for you (really, you can use that audio for all holidays)? Were you able to listen to your body? Stay away from the “last meal mentality”? NOT start a diet this morning?

I heard quite a few people saying “I’m starting x diet on Monday.” But, refreshingly, I also DIDN’T hear a lot of people saying that… So, that’s good! Where are YOU at with this? Do you know that you can eat to feel better WITHOUT dieting?

By the way, in my experience (& opinion), by dieting I mean “I’m going to start counting calories on Monday and I’m going to be super good” (I need to be better). Not, “gluten hurts my tummy so I calmly avoid it and eat other things” (I want to feel good). Make sense? There’s a difference between dieting and paying attention.

K, I’m not here just to talk about post turkey-day things, I’m also here to share with you yesterdays eats! Before we dive in, let’s remember that the purpose of these posts is to inspire you and encourage YOU toward listening to your own body and AWAY from dieting. OK, EATS!

Sunday –

eggs and cheese

Breakfast was two scrambled eggs with a twist! The twist – a tad bit of half & half to give the eggs some fluff, a little italian seasoning, and a sprinkle of cheese on top. Just so yummy.

salt and vinegar chips

After breakfast I sipped coffee and set up my new computer (I got the new MacBook Pro and am getting used to it!). Once I was done with all the computer things Marco and I went to the gym. We’re currently doing this workout plan together (with a few modifications) and it’s been so fun!

After the gym though… Oh man. All the nausea. Needed to eat. So, I came home to make lunch (below) and snacked on a few chips (above) while I was cooking. Ah, ever get that feeling after you work out and the hunger hits you HARD? Maybe next time I need to have a snack waiting for me!

turkey burger gluten free

For lunch Marco and I had turkey burgers. Inside (’cause ya can’t see!) are green chili peppers, mozzarella cheese, romaine lettuce, and a little ketchup. I wanted very much to add sprouts to this guy, but unfortunately I waited to long to use the sprouts and they went bad on me. The bun is g-free from TJ’s.

After lunch Marco and I had such a cozy day. We stayed home for most of it and walked downtown in the evening to get drinks and watch a bit of football. Coors for him, a Bloody Mary with ALL of the olives for me. Literally, crazy about olives right now.

brown rice pesto pasta

For dinner we had brown rice pasta with pesto, pine nuts, chicken, and tomatoes at home. I added a little pepper and parmesan on top and it was just right. Simple, yummyTwo things I know you all love! 

Alrighty, gals! I’m off to plan out the rest of my week, put my meal ideas & grocery lists together (see: How to Meal Plan as an Intuitive Eater), and continue workin’ on this Monday morning before I hit the gym with M. Sending you so much love!

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Love, Paige

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