Prioritizing Joy as a Parent (Part 1)

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week’s podcast episode is part 1 of 2 where I talk about how prioritize joy as a parent, set boundaries, and set aside time to ensure your bucket is filled.

Prioritizing Joy as a Parent-Aligned with Paige Schmidt

Here is a breakdown of what I talk about:

0:00: Parenting is hard and it’s so worth it (hard doesn’t mean you wish you weren’t doing it)

8:30 – What are the MOST rewarding things you do for yourself? Do a joy audit.

14:45 – Finding the best time for the things you love most

17 – Prioritize how you DO want to feel

18:20 – Why is it important for you to prioritize your joy? What happens when you don’t?

22 – How long does it actually take to fill your bucket?

25 – Gratitude, the best place for our minds to be

28:30 – The biggest JOY givers and a simplified getting ready routine in the morning

30 – Expecting that you won’t always “feel like it” and focusing on benefits

32 – Prioritize your own joy starting today

Parenting is hard, and it can be so easy to become so focused on being a mom that you don’t prioritize keeping your bucket filled. Being a mom last week was SO hard, and by the end of the week I felt my bucket was completely drained. So while Marco was home one day, I left Selah with him and went on a run with just myself and Abby, and it was exactly what I needed. I knew going on a solo run is something I love doing and my future self would thank me for.

Some other things I do to prioritize joy for myself are:

  • Cooking nourishing meals that I know will leave me feeling good
  • Getting up early and working before Selah wakes up (you can listen to my miracle mom morning episode here)
  • Going on runs with Abby
  • Quiet time-even if it is just for 20 minutes
  • Getting ready each morning

Ready for the next step?

Write out what brings you joy and schedule in your calendar exactly how you will prioritize these things.

Invite in EASE and prioritize your joy as a parent by joining us in Aligned Coaching, your just for you space for weekly coaching and personal growth to become the ‘YOU’ you want to be.

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