Put away that darn scale!

Good morning loves! It’s time for a quick post in between babysitting jobs!

Last night, I had 2 plums before bed (just so you know…hehe)

This morning, I woke up and had this protein drink that had-


-2 scoops Aria womens protein (vanilla)

-1 small banana

-1 tbsp. peanut butter

-unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

For lunch, I had my left over mexican food from last night. Why do leftovers always taste so good?!

I’m posting this picture because I feel so good, and so proud of myself today! And yes, it’s okay, better yet, it’s great to feel proud of yourself!

I have been having trouble lately with accepting my weight, because the number has gone up a few lbs. Well, let me just tell you, it is 100% due to muscle gain, because I have been doing tons of weight exercise, which I never ever do. Also, everything I own still fits me exactly the same! So who am I kidding?

I put my scale away on Sunday, and told myself that I am way better than that number, and I deserve nothing more than to feel good about how I’ve been eating and exercising. Well, let me just tell you, the second I put it away, I felt like I lost 10lbs!

I have felt so much happier, so much healthier, so much more proud, and soo much more willing to exercise and eat healthy since I put it away. Let’s just say, it was the right decision for me (so much pressure is off)!

I encourage any of you girls, who are having trouble with seeing that number, put the scale away, and start accepting yourself, and being proud of yourself EVERY SINGLE day of your life. It is NOT worth ever beating yourself up over.

Love to each and EVERY one of you beautiful people! Have a good day, and be NICE to yourself 🙂

Love, Paige

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