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Hey all! Here is the rest of yesterday since I didn’t get a chance to post again last night.

My brother Terry came over and we had some quality family time. Nothing is as good as family!


Dinner: I made Marco and I dinner! So good. So nice spending this time together too 🙂

3 spanakopitas (baked, from Trader Joe’s frozen section), 3 oz salmon, and asparagus with olive oil, s&p, and roasted garlic. Very good dinner! Satisfying, but not too filling. We had room for dessert, which I was craving like crazy!


After dinner, we went on a FroYo Date! Never a bad idea 😉

For him: chocolate, gummy bears, and oreo’s. Usually he gets tart w/ fruit, I believe I was sharing my cravings vibe last night!

For me: pumpkin fro-yo, chopped almonds, organic granola, and a tsp. of graham cracker crumbs

OH MY gosh. I’m not even kidding, I was contemplating seconds. But I didn’t, and within 30 minutes I was satisfied.

I used the “Okay, if this much didn’t totally satisfy me, do you think that much more will? You will surely be satisfied within the next 30 minutes and so glad you didn’t get seconds.” Works every time!


When I got home my brother was eating what looked like an amazing sandwich that my Mom had just made him. I looked over to the counter and everything was still sitting out. I had to get me a piece of that! I got out two whole grain oat crackers, and made a mini version of what he was having, just to satisfy my taste buds. Oh the cravings last night. Thanks TOM!

PS, speaking of TOM, I was asked this morning what I do during that TOM (time of the month). I will be answering questions on my FAQ page today. If you have a question, click here and ask away! Or ask below. All questions are welcome. This page is just starting today.


Breakfast this morning: plain Greek yogurt w/ 1 tsp. agave, 1 tbs. peanut butter, and 1/2 a banana


To-go: 1 banana to have with whole Oat crackers and maple almond butter, plus 1 cup of whole wheat pasta w/ a little bit of pesto on top

The pasta will probably be a snack (fiber + healthy fat) and then crackers will probably be lunch (fruit, fiber, healthy fat/protein)

Seems like it would be opposite until I explain the nutrients, right? 🙂

Have a great day! And meet me over at the FAQ page! Love to you all!

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Love, Paige

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