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Q: Hey lady! I hate to keep bothering you, but your blog is honestly my favorite on tumblr! Anyway, I’m attempting your no-grains, no-added-sugar, no-cheese diet (and am on Day 3) so I just had a quick question. This school year, I’m prob going to be on campus a lot more since my class schedule is pretty busy, and I wanted to know if you have any easily transportable lunch suggestions. I went hiking yesterday and had a hard time bringing a packed lunch that didn’t need knife and fork. Thanks!


A: No worries! You’re not bothering me at all! 🙂

I do have some suggestions, because I ran into this problem while I was doing this diet. First of all, LARA BARS are FANTASTIC! They’re so worth it! Next suggestion is getting convenient containers! Zipbloc has great ones! Go to Target! Take yogurt, take cut up fruit, whole fruit, bananas, nuts, celery and peanut butter, apples and peanut butter. Many many times I took LARA BARS and nuts; yogurt was probably my 3rd go-to.

Do these things sound simple enough? Trader Joes has great little packets of dried fruit and nuts which I DID eat during that time, even though the dried fruit has a little sugar. OH! Also, Trader Joes has Dried Mangos called “Just Mango Slices” that have nothing added, and those are SO great! I took those many times in my bag in case I got hungry!

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