Quiet Canceling

What is Quiet Canceling? How can we learn to recognize it, so we can start doing the thing we keep avoiding but REALLY want to start doing?

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What does it mean to Quiet Cancel on ourselves?

It’s a term I came up with that describes the process that happens when we tell ourselves all the reasons why we want to do something but then, as time gets closer to doing that thing, we find reasons to NOT to do it. Then it’s too late to take action.

Make sense? Can you relate to this experience?

What areas of your life do you have an intention to start doing something, but keep finding that you don’t do the new habit?

Maybe it’s waking up early to read your Bible.

Playing with your kids outside.

Having a weekly date night with your spouse.

Cooking at home more than you get take out.

Going to church.

One of the reasons we fall into the place of Quiet Canceling is that we hold the belief, “Oh, it’s fine actually how I’ve been doing things. I don’t need to change. It’s not that bad.”

But the highest version of yourself knows there is more than “It’s not THAT bad.”

She wants you to not settle, but to run head on towards the changes in your life that will increase the quality of your life.

Setting boundaries with ourselves is a wonderful and powerful place to start, when it comes to stepping into that most aligned, most highest version of ourselves.

Your homework for this week is to put into place a self-loving boundary. Things like:

Actually get dressed when you work from home, because you like how it helps your mindset.

Dropping by the gym three times this week on your way from work, because it helps you transition from work mode to mom mode better.

Sitting at the table with the family for dinner most days, because it helps you feel more connected.

When you are tempted to skip, to break your boundary, remind yourself of all the benefits that come from KEEPING YOUR WORD to yourself. We love the concept of self-trust around here and following through on what you promises yourself is key to building that!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to identify examples of Quiet Canceling in your life
  • Ways to empower yourself to take messy action and make different decisions
  • How to calm your body when your mind is not loving your new boundaries

Mentioned in this Episode:

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