Being Radically Content with Jamie Varon

Paige interviews Jamie Varon about her new book Radically Content. We talk about what it means to be ‘radically content’, what fears may come up when you think about this concept, and the good that actually comes from living this way.

Being Radically Content with Jamie Varon

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Last Tuesday I had the honor of interviewing Jamie Varon on the podcast on what it means to be Radically Content (which is also the name of Jamie’s new book). It was such a joy talking with her – I have pages of notes from our episode to incorporate into my own life.

We hopped on Zoom, had some laughs, and jumped right into the interview. And WOW was it amazing.

Jamie is someone who has inspired me for years. 

The kind of inspiration that makes you want to be more kind to yourself. More accepting, loving, and grateful to be where you already are. I can’t wait to see your Jamie Varon quotes from the episode once you listen (share them with me via Instagram DM’s).

My Favorite Quotes from Jamie during the Episode:

  • “Radically Content to me is about being super super present, seeing all the joys and gifts that are currently in your life. Operating from a place of joy, operating from a place of ‘I’m already there, I’ve already arrived, I’m good enough – I’m MORE than good enough, I love my life as it is, AND, I’d love to go after some things.’ That to me is the sweet spot.”
  • “If we don’t set our own inner values, we’ve actually just taken on the value of the culture.”

Links from the Episode:

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