Rain Teaser

Good morning everyone! Happy Thursday. I totally overslept this morning. My alarm must have been going off for 20 minutes without me hearing it, because I woke up with a silent alarm. Whoops!


5:45 morning walk!


7:00 eggs & toast. Did you see my video on my FB? Pretty silly, right? Haha

photo 1

9:30 a little bit of zucchini bread that my Mom made after our morning walk!

photo 2

Rain! There wasn’t much. This was actually quite a teaser. I took this photo during a 2 minute downpour. Bummer!


11:30 Green Smoothie!


1:30 split pea soup with tuna and carrots & hummus

photo 3

3:30 fish taco!

photo 5

5:30 Boca Burger!

I was craving an Islands Bleunami Burger.. This was a much healthier choice. Ha!

Have a wonderful day! I’m off to make-up the walk that I missed this morning 😉

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