Recipes + Girls Night

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful day!



Wednesday morning started off with a banana on the way to counseling (this picture is old, I didn’t take a photo of my nana :))


For snacks throughout my morning job I took an organic peach, a larabar, and some trail mix


For lunch, I had a salad with tuna on top. Yum! Such good tuna! On top I put avo, pine nuts, and cherry tomatoes.

  • TUNA SALAD RECIPE (Blend in food processor)

    • 1 can tuna in olive oil
    • 3 artichoke hearts (from TJ’s can)
    • 2 stalks organic celery
    • 1 tsp. yellow mustard

This was so yummy! I think I may make it again today if it sounds good later 🙂


    • 1 tbsp. balsamic
    • 1 tbsp. olive oil
    • 1 tsp. dijon mustard


Dinner was greek yogurt with chia seed granola! This granola has a wonderful ginger flavor. I love it!


For dessert, I had another delicious organic peach. Yum!



Breakfast Thursday was the same as dinner. Greek yogurt with chia cereal.


Snacks between breakfast and lunch were a green smoothie and an apple. This apple was so different! It was an organic gravenstien apple that tasted so tart and sweet!

IMG_4401.JPG IMG_4400.JPG

Lunch was a salad with spring mix, pine nuts, sliced artichoke hears, avo, and cilantro dressing


Afternoon snack was hummus and broccoli (didn’t eat everything in this picture)


Dinner was tofu with stir-fried veggies + sriracha. Yum!

photo 2

After dinner, I went out with my girl friends to Lure. I got a V&V which was supposed to be “healthy.” Should have know… delicious, but I may as well have ordered a lemonade 😉

photo 1

This was my outfit last night 🙂

photo 4photo 5

We took so many pictures. The lighting was just not happening for pictures in this place! Haha. Like the photobomb in the back? 🙂

photo 3

When I got there, Aubrey had ordered some Ahi Ceviche! Yum! I did try it with one chip, because I had never had it, but then I took a few more chip-less bites with the fork. Delicious! 🙂

Okay all, have a wonderful day! I have about 3 hours until I have to work, so I’m going to take advantage of that and go see my Daddy!


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