Registration Open + An Awesome, Healthy Dinner Quesadilla

Good morning all! Guess what? Today is Sugar Blues Registration day!

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Tuesday morning started off with eggs & toast. Every so often I love to buy this whole wheat tuscan bread from TJ’s. It has such a grainy/dense feel to it.


Around 11:30, I had a snack of trek-mix


Right after the trek-mix, I had a craving for cottage cheese and fritos, so I made a small serving. I was expecting to still have lunch around 1:00.

About mid-way through these fritos and cottage cheese, I started to feel a little funky, so I stopped eating them, and didn’t end up having lunch. I had a really odd stomach pain — I think it was cramps, just extra intense.


By dinner I was feeling slightly better, but not 100%. I made a veggie quesadilla on an ezekiel tortilla with feta cheese. I’ve been having a little bit of dairy here and there, and since I began drinking butter coffee, it’s actually been doing okay. I think…. We will continue to see 😉

To make this quesadilla for yourself just sautee a few different veggies in olive oil. I used broccoli, squash, carrots, and mushrooms. After you sautée them, put them inside of an ezekiel tortilla, sprinkle a bit of feta cheese inside, and cook it just like you would cook any other quesadilla (on the stove, pan buttered). I made some guac to go with it. Yum!

Don’t forget to register for Sugar Blues today, tomorrow, or Thursday — especially if you’re interested in Health Coaching one-on-one or a Group Program — you’ll see the Bonus when you register.

Love, Paige

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