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Paige Schmidt, HC

As Simi & I anxiously await the official launch (March 18th!!!!!!) of our new virtual health coaching program, Finally Free, there will be no new post today. Instead, I remind all of my sweet VIP’s to check your email.

If you can’t find my emails & look forward to hearing from me, search “” in your inbox and move me to your Primary Folder. The subject of today’s Newsletter is:

Who else wants THE freedom to enjoy all foods & glow with confidence too?

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Simi & Paige

Simi & I had the BEST time Filming Finally Free. In your inbox today, we’re sharing something special with you, along with some GREAT laughs. We’ve linked to our BLOOPERS video, which has us both on the floor laughing each time we watch it. It takes me right back to the filming! 🙂

Below, I’m going to link up to some of my most favorite HHS posts for your encouragement & Saturday morning, in your PJ’s, reading:

  1. On Trusting Your Body
  2. How to STOP Calorie Counting Without Gaining Weight
  3. The Biggest Mistake People Make When Trying to Lose Weight
  4. This Has Made Me Love My Body More
  5. Binge Eating: My Solution
  6. You Can Eat Your Favorite Foods & Be Healthy Too!
  7. How I Started the Process of Intuitive Eating & the Challenges I Faced

PSSSST! Do you have a favorite HHS post that I haven’t listed here? Please link back to it below in the comments. I LOVE hearing what has helped you all the most!

P.S. the WINNER for Wednesday’s Giveaway is: Joanne Fothergill-Birnbaum!

Please send me an email at with your address and I’ll get your goodie basket shipped over!

For everyone else who participated, THANK YOU! To say thank you, I’ve automatically entered you into the NEXT Giveaway that I’m planning to run in April. So, keep your eyes peeled for that one, enter, and you’ll have *double* chances of winning! Thank you! 

Now, get outa here and go check your email 🙂 I have something SO special waiting for you! SO MANY of you have already taken action! YAY!

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