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Free Audio/Video Training

  1. Healthy Hits TIPS (covering budgeting, organization, and meal planning while eating intuitively)
  2. Intuitive Eating Free Training
  3. Food Freedom with Paige Schmidt – Podcast Episode!


Please note these handouts are from old trainings so you may notice “Healthy Hits the Spot” (my old brand name), old links, or old email addresses. If you’re looking for an updated link or email, write me at

  1. Green Smoothie Recipe
  2. Girl Talk – Take Home Notes
  3. Guide to Eating Out With Others
  4. 5 Mindset Shifts To Becoming An Intuitive Eater
  5. Hottie’s Holiday Handout
  6. Reframe Your Fears Action Guide

Favorite Books Surrounding Food & Self-Compassion

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