Salmon, rice, and avocado for lunch!

Hey guys! I’m back to share my lunch with you! I went and got my hair trimmed this morning, then made this lunch, and now I’m about to head out for the gym!

It’s crazy how simple salmon is to make.

All you do is get out a medium size pan, throw a tablespoon or two of olive oil in there, add some minced garlic, put in your salmon fillet, and cook it on medium heat until you have flipped it a few times and it’s fully cooked through. Takes probably 10 minutes. So easy!

And for the rice, I get the rice medley from Trader Joes in the frozen section (comes with 3 bags- 2 servings in each), and instead of microwaving it, I throw it in the pan with a tiny bit of water (tbsp) to heat it up and get it moist.

To top the salmon, I put sliced avocado, and drizzled the leftover olive oil/garlic on top. To add a little bit more flavor, I used soy sauce (because anytime I eat rice, I crave soy sauce!)

See you back around dinner! Time to hit the gym 🙂

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