San Diego!

Okay, first of all… sorry that I have been MIA for two days! San Diego did me in big time!

I had the best time, and I am soo excited for more(just not so crazy!!) I love San Diego!


So, lets go through the past couple of days! After I had my Oatmeal Thursday morning, I went off to a hair appointment, made my hair more blonde! Woohoo! Jamie at a Secret Place Salon is amazing. Plus, I love just hanging out with her 🙂

After the hair, I stopped to see Daddy at the hospital. He is home now, hurting, but doing good… I wish I could snap my fingers and make it all better!


To take with me on the road, I made a simple turkey sandwich, and packed some prunes & bars. I ended up eating the sandwich about 4 hours after breakfast, a bar a couple hours after that, and then one more bar about four/five hours later (we were so busy once I got to SD)


After Apartment hunting for quite a while (we found some great places!!) we headed off to dinner!


Here is my Dinner Date, Kelsey! Love you girly 🙂


Sorry for the awful pictures. It was so good and these pictures do not do it justice!

I got a side salad with blue cheese (ate it all)


Side of garlic bread (ate one piece)


And got an amazing pasta with what tasted like bruschetta sauce on top. Mmm-mmm good! (I ate about 1/3 of this and took the rest home- and was surely consumed later in the night around 3am)


The little place we went to was called Mona Lisa in Little Italy.


After dinner, we went to Sprinkles Cupcakes! This place is pretty much famous for the best, cutest cupcakes ever.


Not to mention their service is amazing! All the girls were sooo nice and cheery/bubbly!

Kelsey got a Red Velvet Cupcake, and I got a Marshmallow Chocolate Cupcake!


After that, we went and picked up her 3 friends and headed back to her house for a girls night out!


My little note 😉


We walked to a Frat Party (my first one- and yes, I told everyone and they made sure I experienced it) and had a ton of fun! This is Kelsey & Ariana walking there

13.jpg 14.jpg

Here is a picture outside the house of us girls (minus Kelly who was taking the picture)


And here is Kelsey and I!


My first time in SD!


Too much fun!


The next morning, we went to breakfast at this little cute place called The Living Room

21.jpg 22.jpg

Hello! 🙂

23.jpg 24.jpg

And here is too another horrible picture! Haha, I got eggs, potatoes, and home made bread. Yummy!

I am totally embaressed to say, this didn’t stay with me for long (at all!!) To say the least, I really paid for my night yesterday! I think I learned my lesson about frat parties 😛


Yesterday, all I did was drive home (3 hours!! I was dying!!) and sleep, and watch Griffin for a little bit.

The only thing I felt like eating was in-n-out, so I went and got the worst meal ever for myself & Griff

Cheeseburger, fries, and a Vanilla Milkshake! Haha, I was goin for it! I only ate a little of everything because to be honest (sorry in-n-out) this was not good at all… I threw over half of it away. The only thing that was good were the fries right when we got them. Once I was home they were cold and un-appetizing.

After that I fell asleep from about 4-7:30 and woke up and had some chicken noodle soup


I took out all the chicken, because yuck!!! The chicken in this soup always tastes fake and freaks me out!

Can someone second this?


And here is my sorry self last night laying in bed. My bed was my best friend yesterday!!

All I can think about today is eating healthy foods, having energy, and spending some good time with my girl friend shopping for her wedding dress! Woohoo! Here is to lessons learned, a fabulous trip, and a healthy, fun day ahead of me!

Love, Paige

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