San Fran Day 3

Day 3 in SF and I am loving it! Each day seems just the perfect length. This is such the vacation.


I woke up this morning to a Scott Cap and wonderful toasted bread from the local bakery


The bread had butter and this really great honey from Italy (I believe that’s what Linda told me??) This honey was unlike any other!


I am so spoiled with these Capo’s everyday! I used to get them all of the time in Ventura. They need to move back home just so I can have them again! Or, maybe I’ll just have to move here! (Kidding!!)


Before Scott and I headed out for a day seeing the city, we snacked on a few pineapple pieces. Mmm was this some good pineapple!


We stopped at the Church that Marilyn Monroe got married at (one of her marriages)

Look how beautiful that is!



Next, we stopped at a Hat store that Scott loves. He buys a hat from this place once a year. I can’t remember all of the names of these places because we have been visiting so many!



For lunch, we went to a little Pizza place called Golden Boy Pizza


We got the garlic & clam pizza. I’ve never had seafood on pizza before. It was really different and good!


After that we walked to City, stopped at a beautiful place where Linda teaches cooking classes, and just looked into a few shops.

19.jpg 20.jpg

I even bought this Coffee mug from a little store called Therapy.

I felt happy seeing this cup, so I bought it knowing that I would love waking up to it everyday 🙂

“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything”


Next, we went to Four Barrel Coffee


There were tons of people and the line was practically out the door


We got a Toffee Cookie and one Capo


Love these designs!


I had a couple bites of the cookie and I was good. I was enjoying the Capo flavor too much!

After that, we went to a grocery store called Rainbows. It was soo nice! It’s a health food store, and they have so many different things. I’m going to have to say it even beat Whole Foods. They had Key Lime Pie LARABAR flavor there, which I haven’t tried yet, so I picked one up and will let you all know soon how it is


Now that we are back home to the apartments, we are all relaxing. Linda & Scott are taking a nap, and I am sitting and blogging to all of you. I just had my quiet time, and now I am going to take a little nap myself. I feel soo relaxed on this vacation. It was really just what I needed. Not a worry in my mind.

21.jpg 22.jpg

Oh, I also just tried one of these little Oat Crackers. Something you could have with tea. Nice little snack 🙂

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