Santa Barbara Saturday

Good morning! Happy Sunday!


Yesterday morning started off with a buttload of liquids (that’ the proper term, right? Ha!)

I was looking at all my cups thinking to myself “who drinks this much so early in the day?”

Green smoothie (it turns green later, I swear!), yunnan tea, and water

photo 2

After the first three morning drinks, I got ready and headed to Starbucks.

I told my hairdresser, Jaimie, that I would bring her a soy latte

If you live in/near Ventura, and want a good hairdresser, Jaimie is it! She’s the best! Email me for her info 🙂

photo 1

I also grabbed a banana at Starbucks.

Getting my hair done was fabulous. I love getting my hair done. Such a treat! Best part – getting your hair washed!

In Santa Barbara, our first stop was Lululemon


I picked out two things. I had a $75 dollar giftcard from Valentines Day. Thanks Marco 🙂

Here are the links to the items I bought:

LS Shirt.

Run: Inspire Crop II.

IMG_3475.JPG photo 3

Here is a picture of me wearing them later on 🙂

Our next stop in SB was to find a lunch spot, because we were starving.

Palazzio it was!


Best bread rolls ever. You want to hear the count?

Him: 6

Her: 5

He bit me by one, but my stomach couldn’t tell the difference a few hours later. White bread is foreign to my belly.


We literally laughed, this entire lunch. Capturing a picture of Marco laughing, while eating, was totally necessary. I bet our waitress thought we were insane. His expression says it all. I was giving him a hard time, that’s for sure.

Man… this guys got it in for him in the future… 😉


We ended up splitting a vegan pasta, and clam chowder


There was so much pasta leftover. The clam chowder was probably the best I’ve ever had. It was amazing. The pasta went home with Marco for dinner.

After Santa Barbara, we went back to my house and took a 30 minute nap. We know understand why people nap in Italy after lunch – or so I’ve heard.


After our nap, I fueled up with some green smoothie, and headed to the Gym with Marco


I ran again, and it felt so good. This time, only doing the treadmill, and skipping the elliptical. When comparing time/calories burned, I burned more just doing the treadmill. Since I’m not used to it, my heart rate gets way up there.


Right before the Gym, my little neighbor Leila came over and brought me these two sweet drawings. How cute!

Up on the fridge they went 🙂


Around 5:30, I left to go babysit, and had more green smoothie on the way. SEE. It does turn green later 🙂


I also took some overnight oats and enjoyed them around 8pm.

photo 4

I was off at 9:45, came home, got in my PJ’s, and cozied up for bed. It was a good day 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday too!


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