Saturday Out!

Annnnd for yesterday!

Yesterday morning I woke up and had a small bowl of Bran Flakes with half a banana and almond milk. I woke up really hungry because I went to bed having eaten 3 hrs. earlier

At about 11, Aubrey, Haley and I ate Brunch at Savory Cafe and Bakery, Downtown Ventura

We all got Capos and Omlets

No picture of us, but my Haley is cute 🙂 (my cousin)

I wanted to get really different things in my omelet. I got proscuitto, basil, mushrooms, caramelized onions, zucchini, and gruyere cheese. I didn’t know what proscuttio or gruyere cheese tasted like, and I figured I should give them a try. It was delish!

My potoatoes were good, a little cold, okay… pretty cold…. but good…

Regardless, I ate the whole meal because I paid $20 for it! :-O!!!

After breakfast we went shopping looking around

When we had walked around a couple of hours between the Mall and Downtown, we went home and watched a movie. We watch The Women. Such a good movie! Anyone seen it?

After the Movie I went shopping with my Mom. She wanted to buy me a dress for Easter. Awe! 🙂 I couldn’t find a dress, but she ended up buying me a really cute sweater and giving me a little bit of cash-ol-a to treat me to my breakfast. I would like to dub my Mom as “Best Mom.”

Later in the night, I went with Aubrey and our friend Mitch to Urbane Cafe. I got the Californian Sandwich. I changed mine around just a little bit subbing honey mustard for the mayo, and throwing out the sun-dried tomatoes (they are always hit or miss)

It was filled with goodness- artichoke hearts, honey mustard, lettuce, mushrooms, and melted cheese

After Urbane, we went to Fro-Yo. A little too much food for my belly, but very fun and worth it 🙂 Next time I will just eat half my food. I was just convinced that it would go bad… I don’t think it actually would have… haha! I’m still trying to find balance.

Now that I pay for ALL my own food, I have that mentality of “do NOT waste a thing!” I have to learn how to balance that out, because it’s also just as important to not stuff myself full and make my body unhealthy. It’s “okay” to save the food, Paige… it’s not going to go bad… Haha! Plus, leftovers would actually SAVE me money 🙂 Again, it’s all adjusting! I’m expecting to get the hang of it… soon?

Living on my own has been nothing short of amazing. I am loving it!

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